James 1

Quote: Scroundrel maxim. [James 1]

Quote: Amid the roses, fierce Repentance rears
Her snaky crest; a quick-returning pang
Shoots through the conscious heart.
[James 1]

Quote: Even from the body's purity, the mind
Receives a secret sympathetic aid.
[James 1]

Quote: Island of bliss! amid the subject Seas,
That thunder round thy rocky coasts, set up,
At once the wonder, terror, and delight
Of distant nations; whose remotest shore
Can soon be shaken by thy naval arm;
Not to be shook thyself, but all assaults
Baffling, like thy hoar cliffs the loud sea-wave.
[James 1]

Quote: He ceased; but still their trembling ears retained
The deep vibrations of his witching song.
[James 1]

Quote: In ancient times, the sacred Plough employ'd
The Kings and awful Fathers of mankind:
And some, with whom compared your insect-tribes
Are but the beings of a summer's day,
Have held the Scale of Empire, ruled the Storm
Of mighty War; then, with victorious hand,
Disdaining little delicacies, seized
The Plough, and, greatly independent, scorned
All the vile stores corruption can bestow.
[James 1]

Quote: Hail! Independence, hail! Heaven's next best gift,
To that of life and an immortal soul!
[James 1]

Quote: O fair undress, best dress! it checks no vein,
But every flowing limb in pleasure drowns,
And heightens ease with grace.
[James 1]

Quote: Her polish'd limbs,
Veil'd in a simple robe, their best attire;
Beyond the pomp of dress; for Loveliness
Needs not the foreign aid of ornament,
But is, when unadorn'd the most.
[James 1]

Quote: Among the crooked lanes, on every hedge,
The glow-worm lights his gem; and through the dark,
A moving radiance twinkles.
[James 1]

Quote: Falsely luxurious, will not man awake? [James 1]

Quote: At the throng'd levee bends the venal tribe:
With fair but faithless smiles each varnish'd o'er,
Each smooth as those that mutually deceive,
And for their falsehood each despising each.
[James 1]

Quote: Whoe'er amidst the sons
Of reason, valor, liberty and virtue,
Displays distinguished merit, is a noble
Of Nature's own creating.
[James 1]

Quote: Cruel as death, and hungry at the grave. [James 1]

Quote: While I deduce,
From the first note the hollow cuckoo sings,
The symphony of spring.
[James 1]

Quote: Ah! what avail the largest gifts of Heaven,
When drooping health and spirits go amiss?
How tasteless then whatever can be given!
Health is the vital principle of bliss,
And exercise of health.
[James 1]

Quote: Their only labour was to kill the time;
And labour dire it is, and weary woe,
They sit, they loll, turn o'er some idle rhyme,
Then, rising sudden, to the glass they go,
Or saunter forth, with tottering steps and slow.
[James 1]

Quote: He saw her charming, but he saw not half
The charms her downcast modesty conceal'd.
[James 1]

Quote: The glad circle round them yield their souls
To festive mirth, and wit that knows no gall.
[James 1]

Quote: Soft-buzzing Slander; silly moths that eat
An honest name.
[James 1]

Quote: When autumn scatters his departing gleams,
Warn'd of approaching winter, gather'd, play
The swallow-people; and toss'd wide around,
O'er the calm sky, in convolution swift,
The feather'd eddy floats; rejoicing once,
Ere to their wintry slumbers they retire.
[James 1]

Quote: The swallow sweeps
The slimy pool, to build his hanging house.
[James 1]

Quote: Up springs the lark,
Shrill-voiced, and loud, the messenger of morn;
Ere yet the shadows fly, he mounted sings
Amid the dawning clouds, and from their haunts
Calls up the tuneful nations.
[James 1]

Quote: Linnets . . . sit
On the dead tree, a dull despondent flock.
[James 1]

Quote: The Redbreast, sacred to the household gods,
Wisely regardful of the embroiling sky,
In joyless fields and thorny thickets leaves
His shivering mates, and pays to trusted Man
His annual visit.
[James 1]

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