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Unlike the US, in our elections, no one will interfere - even the people.More [08/20/2018 09:08:44]
"Honey, my eyes hurt from the new monitor. Bring some eye drops. Drip to me."

"What are you, hubby? Not reading Wait. Blood delivery service promises one and a half liters of fresh blood. Bring, then we will bury... (drop by drop) the blood of enemies."More [11/19/2019 03:11:46]
"The train of Russian democracy has arrived at its destination! Request all to leave cars!"
"The Butler! Whores! More vodka! And black caviar! Let's celebrate as in October 1917." (Urmantsev)More [11/10/2019 12:11:14]
"These aphorists are completely unbridled! Back and forth. They make up stuff. Here is have them fashions went on aphorisms Pro alienation what something! A disgrace! There is no alienation. Stop fooling around!"
"Who says? Excuse me, who are you?"
"Glasses on, can't you see? Wipe your eyes! Don't you recognize it? It's us, the Siamese twins!"More [11/08/2019 03:11:08]
In a brothel graduates of the faculty of philosophy met a brunette who struck them with her philosophy of life, borrowed from the website of aphorisms: "I do not consider myself righteous,because my steps do not belong to another..."At the last words, with her vulgarly painted eyes, she pointed at the dark-skinned pimp. (Urmantsev)More [11/02/2019 01:11:03]
"How dark it is here. No ghosts, no zombies."
"We're all here."More [10/28/2019 03:10:49]
Who's in this circle of hell? Those who abused self-medication. Why can't anyone be seen? Gone on sick list.More [10/25/2019 03:10:57]
"Look, Holmes, what are they doing on This one lays out aphorisms. And the other likes to do and questioning demotivators. You will not believe, for free! Oh, the Russians!" "You are a naive man, Dr. Watson. Professor Moriarty has specially created a website of aphorisms for his insidious accomplices to feed themselves!"(Mrs. Hudson hears Watson faint on the carpet.) (Based on comments for 23 October 2019)More [10/24/2019 04:10:05]
Two dwarfs stand on a human heart. One dwarf with his harsh opinion suddenly took and put out the cigarette of the interlocutor. He was indignant and said: "At the heart of his opinion, the cattle, the carcass is not my cigarette!"(Based on the aphorism on the site for 01.08.2019)More [10/23/2019 04:10:56]
"Who's not an aphorist? I'm not an aphorist? Now I will answer my abuser! I will answer, as befits the author of network aphorisms. What do we have on this occasion said the actress Ranevskaya? And which of the quotes of Ilf and Petrov is better suited for the answer? No, here it is necessary to quote a Comedy with Leonid Kuravlev! I'll remind them all of the title of the 1977 movie!"More [10/21/2019 08:10:49]

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Quotes of the month

Anatoly Yurkin This is information warfare. We didn't start it. And it is not destined to end in our generation. Our duty is to win at least a few local battles. (Anatoly Yurkin) [11/11/2019 04:11:09] More

Anatoly Yurkin Alienated thinking is the competence and skills of the subject for the entire life cycle of the right to property. (Anatoly Yurkin) [11/07/2019 09:11:53] More

Anatoly Yurkin Alienation is an innate perception of the depth of space, complicated to the image of property. (Anatoly Yurkin) [10/21/2019 11:10:28] More

Pavel Sharpp Thinking by duty is a fiction, which is confirmed by the State Duma. [11/04/2019 03:11:55] More

Anatoly Yurkin The right to property is a virtual object with a full life cycle starting with alienation. (Anatoly Yurkin) [11/17/2019 12:11:28] More