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Unlike the US, in our elections, no one will interfere - even the people.More [08/20/2018 09:08:44]
Doctor, I can't sleep! Eyes are shaking, cheeks tremble. His whole face is shaking.
And you, the patient, do not brush teeth electric toothbrush Soviet electronics 4PC with four microprocessors and wired with a cord?
Yeah. how did You know? As bought a brush in 1984, and do not part with it.More [07/13/2019 02:07:41]
Aferisty portal! Start Your sentences with capital letters, not lowercase, as You have taken!

And make a habit - although this is a problem for You - to put a period at the end of the phrase published on the portal.

Russian teachers of Russian languageMore [07/13/2019 12:07:36]
Everyone talks like a God...
If this "everyone" is in a mental hospital.
And where are You?More [07/03/2019 06:07:55]
Doctor, help!
Oh, what an interesting case!More [06/29/2019 01:06:47]
Victim, explain, with what all began?
Dr. and Mr. policeman, we first from the Network and downloaded into a 3D printer printed a book of aphorisms...More [06/27/2019 07:06:59]
I didn't do anything bad to you. Then what did you quote me for?More [06/25/2019 04:06:29]
Sick, you have that? Doctor, cup of patience. Another one?! Go empty yourself.More [06/23/2019 01:06:40]
Apple is withdrawing 15-inch MacBook Pro 2015-17-year-old laptops to destroy the old images and voice of singer Freddie Mercury.More [06/21/2019 03:06:58]
If you see that the Swiss financier jumps into the window of a skyscraper, jump after him without delay, but in the window that overlooks the Swiss city of Fribourg.More [06/20/2019 01:06:12]

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