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Unlike the US, in our elections, no one will interfere - even the people.More [08/20/2018 09:08:44]
Computer geeks in the hospital:
- Honey, before sharing with you the most important news, let me remind you two of the aphorism from the portal Digital Capital is the Cradle of Artificial Intelligence. Big Data is the Cradle of Artificial Intelligence.
- Okay, so we have twins.More [03/15/2019 08:03:29]
- Fima, why are you worried about the silence of the Armenian radio?
- Rose, I got my first proof that the radio was people!
- It's like?
- Chess is a biological pause, which took All the Armenian radio by the whole team!More [03/13/2019 02:03:10]
- Rosa, what happened to the Armenian radio? I wanted to hear it, but it's okay.
- Fima, you missed the main political events. Armenian radio was long gone in the sport!
- What? In the biathlon?
- No, chess. Fima, Armenian radio party discipline Leninist reforged in the Armenian section of chess.
- I understand. Not to listen, not to see.More [03/13/2019 02:03:01]
Elections in the United States. Who will win: Russian or Chinese hackers?More [10/06/2018 10:10:34]
I went to the kitchen to drink water at night, and there my wife was on a diet.More [10/04/2018 08:10:47]
The day after the bank robbery, the robbers received a text message with the terms of the loan.More [10/04/2018 08:10:15]
The idea for the advertising slogan of vodka: soft, as Putin's proposal for pension reform.More [08/30/2018 10:08:12]
As an investment, China is going to invest in Russia one hundred million Chinese.More [08/11/2018 01:08:20]
Trump decided to disperse his intelligence to the devil and get all the information from first hand - President Putin.More [07/20/2018 10:07:19]

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