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Mark Twain Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it. More

Bob Marley In this bright future you can't forget your past. More

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Author Unknown EVERY morning is good and it's not fault of morning that you did not get enough sleep. [03/23/2018 12:03:27] More

Prince Alexander The more complex and refined a person is, the more difficult it is for him to find a soul related to him.
But when he finds such soul, he becomes attached to her for the rest of his life. [03/22/2018 07:03:32] More

Nadejda Savchenko Putsch is the most humane tactic for changing government. [03/22/2018 01:03:26] More

Stanislav Sadalskiy Russia will never be a country where everyone is happy. This is her cross. So it was and so it will be. [03/22/2018 12:03:27] More

Stanislav Sadalskiy Do not celebrate your anniversaries, and all birthdays. Because once a person is psychologically aging, unconsciously, subconsciously. [03/22/2018 12:03:52] More

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Ludwig Quidde The popular, and one may say naive, idea is that peace can be secured by disarmament and that disarmament must therefore precede the attainment of absolute security and lasting peace. [03/12/2018 02:03:32] More

Mark Buehrle I knew I had to settle down. I knew we wouldn't score a lot off Burnett. [07/10/2012 04:07:27] More

Erih Fromm There is hardly any activity, any enterprise, which is started out with such tremendous hopes and expectations, and yet which fails so regularly, as love. [09/07/2011 05:09:55] More

Roger Bannister I couldn't disappoint people. I did not want to fail and exhaust myself, because I was the kind of runner who trained so little that I couldn't race again within another 10 days. [10/10/2011 01:10:01] More

Hope Davis “The film's interested in exploring how two siblings, who grew up in the same house, could have such divergent world views.” [08/22/2006 12:08:00] More

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At a party, at the table.
- How many years will you give me? - asked one coquettish woman of her neighbor.
- The color of the lips is seventeen, By the bend of the eyebrows - sixteen, The color of the face is twenty. Total - fifty-three. [03/22/2018 10:03:28] More

On the bird market:
- Tell me, please, is it a cat? ..
- And what, you can not see by ears ?!
- No...
- It's a bunny [03/22/2018 10:03:14] More

A drug addict, listening to a player, brakes a wheelbarrow.
The taxi stops.
- Chief, are you free?
- Yes!
- Come out, let's dance! [03/22/2018 10:03:16] More

Zach Braff

  • I'm by no means condemning prescription medicine for mental health. I've seen it save a lot of people's lives. [08/11/2008 12:08:00] More
  • I had a very funny family. [03/12/2018 02:03:32] More
  • I had no interest in sports so I didn't make friends in that traditional way where kids are in public school and they go and they join clubs, and play sports. So I kind of had to find my own way to make friends and get attention and so I just was the class clown. [03/12/2018 02:03:32] More
  • I'm a person who likes these sort of movies... sad but moving 'art movies' that normally are at a festival and then they go to a small art house theater and disappear. [03/12/2018 02:03:32] More

Joe Henderson

  • They trained mostly by time periods, checking their pace for known distance only on special occasions. [08/25/2011 11:08:46] More
  • Where did you run today? Now there's a question you don't often hear. [08/25/2011 11:08:21] More
  • A lesser but still fundamental rule of racing is that you properly enter the event. Anyone who doesn't but still insists on running interferes with the paying customers. [08/25/2011 11:08:23] More
  • The results would have stayed on the watch face until the batteries died. But trying to make time stand still this way would have been a mistake. It is just as important to erase times eventually as to save them at first. [08/25/2011 11:08:33] More


  • Some people are so sensitive they feel snubbed if an epidemic overlooks them. More
  • I don't know why women feel an affinity with me. More
  • I've tried to make 'Strictly Ballroom' impossible to date. It does feel a bit '80s but I consciously made sure there was no technology in the movie that could date it. More