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The vainglorious would like to know in advance what will be written about them in the obituary and be able to edit it. -AnnaIsAronova More Anna Aronova [06/19/2018 02:06:39]
An individual's life is not as beautiful as his obituary. -AnnaIsAronova More Anna Aronova [06/19/2018 02:06:00]
The soft person is not able to hurt even... yourself. -ÀnnaIsAronova More Anna Aronova [06/19/2018 01:06:44]
Golden man is able to see in everyone, at least something valuable. -AnnaIsAronova More Anna Aronova [06/19/2018 01:06:31]
The dark man is not able to see the world in real light. AnnaIsAronova More Anna Aronova [06/19/2018 01:06:39]
Eyes of the soul see the essence, not available physics. -AnnaIsAronova More Anna Aronova [06/19/2018 12:06:41]
A wise man is one who lives in harmony... with himself and with all who agree with him.-AnnaIsAronova More Anna Aronova [06/19/2018 12:06:03]
When the conscience is lame, the evil goes with a sure step. More Eugene Ryabyi [06/18/2018 06:06:40]
The deepest trace in history leaves evil. More Eugene Ryabyi [06/18/2018 06:06:46]
Habit — the most durable rope tying a person to life. -AnnaIsAronova More Anna Aronova [06/18/2018 12:06:46]
Lost the meaning of life does not need anyone, except for former owner. - AnnaIsAronova More Anna Aronova [06/17/2018 10:06:46]
All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others More George Orwell [06/17/2018 04:06:39]
The critic is a bloodthirsty louse on the body of a creative person. More Eugene Ryabyi [06/17/2018 04:06:51]
The old age is the occupation of health by diseases. More Eugene Ryabyi [06/17/2018 03:06:19]
The modern world is a chess board, where the superpowers are kings and queens, and the rest of the countries are pawns. More Eugene Ryabyi [06/17/2018 03:06:23]
If the goal is wealth, then conscience is excessive ballast. -AnnaIsAronova More Anna Aronova [06/16/2018 08:06:21]
Without the greed, one can not become the rich. More Eugene Ryabyi [06/16/2018 07:06:11]
The poor people are in the pocket of the rich. More Eugene Ryabyi [06/16/2018 07:06:46]
Poverty is the vice of a wallet. More Eugene Ryabyi [06/16/2018 07:06:14]
How good it is NOW, that the worst has not yet come. -AnnaIsAronova More Anna Aronova [06/16/2018 07:06:28]
When a person is alone, either he is offended by the whole world, or the whole world at his feet. -AnnaIsAronova More Anna Aronova [06/16/2018 02:06:31]
More Nikolajj Pashhenko [06/15/2018 02:06:11]
Ex otio bellum redit More Aleksandr Avanov [06/15/2018 09:06:16]
The heart can easily lead the mind into a blind alley. More Eugene Ryabyi [06/15/2018 05:06:17]
The dating site is a place where the animal in a man wins the human. More Eugene Ryabyi [06/15/2018 05:06:04]
The vulture is only strong when he feels weakness. More Eugene Ryabyi [06/15/2018 05:06:04]
Not to drown in the waters of life, one needs to be a shit. More Eugene Ryabyi [06/15/2018 05:06:31]
People learn from their own and others ' mistakes, if they can draw conclusions.-AnnaIsAronova More Anna Aronova [06/15/2018 04:06:18]
MAN... IS ABOVE HIS FATE. More Ilya Selvinskiy [06/15/2018 01:06:03]
Robert De Niro, a very Low IQ individual, has received to (sic) many shots to the head by real boxers in movies. I watched him last night and truly believe he may be 'punch-drunk.' I guess he doesn't realize the economy is the best it's ever been with employment being at an all time high, and many companies pouring back into our country. Wake up Punchy! More Donald Trump [06/13/2018 08:06:44]
Each coincidence - unknown regularity More Alex Luckynorsky [06/13/2018 01:06:27]
Life is like tennis, only one in it players, and others - balls. More Aleksandr Grachev [06/12/2018 10:06:30]
The war is the road to peace which is paved with the bodies of killed in battle. More Eugene Ryabyi [06/12/2018 04:06:09]
The wrinkles are traces of life on the human body. More Eugene Ryabyi [06/12/2018 04:06:25]
If someone before… thought like me , then he was just as smart. -AnnaIsAronova More Anna Aronova [06/12/2018 03:06:21]
Not so terrible is easy death, as a hard life. More Author Unknown [06/11/2018 09:06:17]
A good mood is not a reason for bad decisions. More Aleksandr Grachev [06/11/2018 09:06:21]
Time is the fate with which one cannot argue. More Eugene Ryabyi [06/11/2018 04:06:24]
Where the hard character, there happiness does not live. More Eugene Ryabyi [06/11/2018 04:06:04]
The physical force is applied only by a weak spirit person. More Eugene Ryabyi [06/11/2018 04:06:54]
When you hate, it's hard to be fair. More Eugene Ryabyi [06/10/2018 08:06:52]
The bad character most strongly bulges out in old age. More Eugene Ryabyi [06/10/2018 08:06:34]
Time is the boundary between life and death. More Eugene Ryabyi [06/10/2018 08:06:42]
To sow anger is to reap obituary. More Eugene Ryabyi [06/10/2018 08:06:39]
The ninth shaft is a pink surfer's dream. More Eugene Ryabyi [06/10/2018 08:06:23]
Everyone is a fool… in any opinion (according to others). -AnnaIsAronova More Anna Aronova [06/10/2018 03:06:48]
"God is dead" - Nietzsche, "Nietzsche is dead" - God. More Alex Luckynorsky [06/09/2018 12:06:46]
Do not disturb others to enjoy… their little weaknesses
and they won't notice your major flaws. -AnnaIsAronova More Anna Aronova [06/08/2018 02:06:19]
Other people's troubles cheer up much more effectively than their own joy! -AnnaIsAronova More Anna Aronova [06/08/2018 12:06:02]
The life is a swamp, and only the wood-goblin and the kikimores do not drown in it. More Eugene Ryabyi [06/08/2018 07:06:19]

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