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"In simple terms, those who do not believe in God, for them the party ends at midnight." More Mark Devolt [09/22/2020 08:09:14]
Love is the spring of feelings, filled with soft sunshine, fragrant gardens and butterflies with magical colouring. More Eugene Ryabyi [09/20/2020 09:09:08]
Passion is the summer of feelings with resort love affairs, sultry evenings and meteor showers. More Eugene Ryabyi [09/20/2020 09:09:02]
Parting is the autumn of feelings; Indian summer gives hope and warm memories of the past, and fallen leaves say that nothing can be returned. More Eugene Ryabyi [09/20/2020 09:09:15]
Loneliness is the winter of feelings, which is severe with frost, howls like a blizzard, pierces soul with the breath of northern winds. More Eugene Ryabyi [09/20/2020 09:09:46]
I don't know who writes the for my life, but he has a sense of humor. More Author Unknown [09/19/2020 01:09:29]
There is only one way to be calm - to stop worrying about the things that cannot be changed. More Author Unknown [09/18/2020 12:09:41]
One of the meanings of life is to leave life behind. More Author Unknown [09/18/2020 12:09:02]
If a man treats you like a princess
So it's worth bowing to the Queen who raised him ... More Author Unknown [09/18/2020 12:09:49]
The fatter the spots on a person's reputation, the more rats cherish desire to savor it. More Eugene Ryabyi [09/18/2020 05:09:12]
Good works perpetuate authors, and bad works - their critics. More Eugene Ryabyi [09/17/2020 10:09:37]
Whatever the graphomaniac writes, he can only leave a trace in reference books on psychiatry. More Eugene Ryabyi [09/17/2020 09:09:31]
Pierre de Coubertinís ideas and messages are surprisingly still up-to-date representing the philosophy of the Olympic movement. This is a multifaceted and wise philosophy and everyone finds something personally important in it. I personally view as very important such ideas as peopleís aspiration for perfection and unification, since only a peaceful competition forms the noble basis for the Olympic movement. This is as relevant as ever in the modern world, which opens unlimited opportunities for people, but at the same time is being torn by conflicts, contradictions and standoffs. However, I am an optimist and I strongly believe in the bright future of the international Olympic movement, I am glad to see changes that took place in the sports movement of Russia More Alisher Usmanov [09/16/2020 12:09:01]
"A person cannot find spiritual balance just because he is always in an aggressive external environment, when his inner world is simple to the point of primitiveness." More Mark Devolt [09/12/2020 01:09:01]
The cemetery is the only place on earth where nobody betrays, deceives and spits in the soul. More Eugene Ryabyi [09/12/2020 06:09:43]
The offended person, like a volcano, is ready at any moment to fall on the offender with incinerating lava. More Eugene Ryabyi [09/12/2020 06:09:02]
Karma is the unpaid interest on the credit of trust that God gave to people. More Eugene Ryabyi [09/12/2020 06:09:20]
We do not train actors, but we reveal new facets in children More Konstantin Habensky [09/11/2020 12:09:10]
The key to success is turning dreams into reality. More Konstantin Habensky [09/11/2020 12:09:01]
Live in the center of your life, and not on the side of someone else's ... More Konstantin Habensky [09/11/2020 12:09:12]
Cinema is the same job as theater, only it brings in more money. More Konstantin Habensky [09/11/2020 12:09:14]
Capital is an inversion of labor. (Anatoly Yurkin) More Anatoly Yurkin [09/10/2020 07:09:18]
Flattery is the words that are covered with gilding, and beneath it - base metals. More Eugene Ryabyi [09/10/2020 06:09:39]
Professional is that who feels the job by ŗ soul. More Eugene Ryabyi [09/10/2020 06:09:52]
Contemporary US history is written in black and white. More Author Unknown [09/08/2020 08:09:49]

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