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Never think you grabbed God by the beard More Yury Gulyaev [08/09/2020 06:08:51]
The voice is only paints, and how to use them depends on you as an artist. More Yury Gulyaev [08/09/2020 06:08:50]
Life is not a school for teaching secular manners. Everyone speaks the best as they can. More Jaroslav Hasek [08/09/2020 03:08:47]
In order for a woman to go to bed with a man, she needs a sense of closeness, trust and a strong bond. For a man - mainly - a place ... More Janusz Leon Wisniewski [08/09/2020 03:08:37]
Often the bottom turns out to be the only salvation: you can push off from it. More Janusz Leon Wisniewski [08/09/2020 03:08:48]
Fortunately, falsehood does not suit you. More Janusz Leon Wisniewski [08/09/2020 03:08:51]
It's hard to live in a country where fools build roads. More Pavel Skakov [08/09/2020 12:08:55]
As a rule, behind-the-scenes communication is preferred only by very intimidated adventurers. More Pavel Skakov [08/09/2020 12:08:21]
You cannot explain the taste of salt to someone who has tasted only sugar. More Bernard Verber [08/08/2020 11:08:42]
Upbringing is - yes, in my professional activity I am a daring person, but in fact I am very modest. More Elman Pashaev [08/08/2020 03:08:23]
There is no place on earth more seismically active than the throne of a king. More Eugene Ryabyi [08/08/2020 07:08:04]
When people communicate in the reality, they look at the body and face, and in the virtuality - at the soul and thoughts. More Eugene Ryabyi [08/08/2020 07:08:26]
Sleight of hand often requires speed of the legs. More Aleksandr Grachev [08/07/2020 11:08:02]
Chat with smart ones and don't chat with fools! More Oleg Tinkov [08/06/2020 01:08:52]
I have no special talents. There is great diligence, desire, obstinacy. More Oleg Tinkov [08/06/2020 01:08:12]
Successful banks are similar to each other, and unsuccessful ones are unhappy in their own way. More Oleg Tinkov [08/06/2020 01:08:54]
Those who leave work at 19:00 annoy me. More Oleg Tinkov [08/06/2020 11:08:10]
Do you want to know where I started? With the will to live. I wanted to live, not vegetate. More Oleg Tinkov [08/06/2020 11:08:46]
The world is so big and our life is so short that we must explore as much as possible. More Oleg Tinkov [08/06/2020 11:08:19]
Clothing should emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide the flaws in the salary. More Author Unknown [08/06/2020 11:08:33]
Why does Chapaev never back down, always go forward? Because he knows his goal and is not afraid of enemies! More Vasiliy Chapaev [08/06/2020 09:08:11]
My personal life will begin when the media forget about me. More Anna Chapman [08/05/2020 10:08:30]
When you really love someone, you become one with them. More Anna Chapman [08/05/2020 10:08:52]
The sea, the sea ... But how can it be a grave? Dip a piece of iron into the wave and it will turn green. All life on earth came out of him ... More Nikolai Cherkashin [08/05/2020 11:08:59]
Truth is not a document. Truth is a state of mind. More Nikolai Cherkashin [08/05/2020 11:08:09]

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