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Repeatability is a multi-storey car Park with access to digital prosperity. More Anatoly Yurkin [07/21/2019 09:07:59]
Simulator aphorisms not a plagiarist. More Anatoly Yurkin [07/21/2019 05:07:01]
Not gone mad from the high speed of the locomotive man of the Nineteenth century was quite prepared for the possibilities of the Internet. More Anatoly Yurkin [07/21/2019 03:07:36]
A corrupt official is a Taxidermist of the national state. More Anatoly Yurkin [07/21/2019 01:07:08]
Pension reform is the blackened side of the mirror for the nation state. More Anatoly Yurkin [07/21/2019 12:07:28]
Decentralization is digital wandering through oases of scale. More Anatoly Yurkin [07/20/2019 02:07:55]
Pension reform is a broken lock on the funeral business income portfolio. More Anatoly Yurkin [07/20/2019 12:07:22]
Existence is a matrix of recursions! More Anatoly Yurkin [07/19/2019 10:07:06]
Existence is a matrix of repetition. More Anatoly Yurkin [07/19/2019 08:07:32]
Scandal is always recursion. (Anatoly Yurkin) More Anatoly Yurkin [07/18/2019 07:07:38]
A comment on the Network is indirectly a recursive function, and a scandal is a direct recursion. (Anatoly Yurkin) More Anatoly Yurkin [07/18/2019 07:07:00]
Like the two-faced Janus, repeatability looks at us through digital masks of decentralization and scalability. More Anatoly Yurkin [07/18/2019 06:07:56]
More Vladimir Kudryavtsev [07/18/2019 04:07:20]
Digital decentralization is an oasis of scale. More Anatoly Yurkin [07/18/2019 04:07:04]
Love is a veil on the eyes through which one cannot see the faults of a beloved. More Eugene Ryabyi [07/18/2019 02:07:31]
Pension reform is a diagnostic scanner of the funeral business. More Anatoly Yurkin [07/18/2019 12:07:23]
Life without mistakes is a high-cost service for those who feel the need for inaction and defeatism. More Anatoly Yurkin [07/17/2019 03:07:08]
As girls are not afraid of blood, so an analog user should not be afraid of transactions of non-Fiat digital money. More Anatoly Yurkin [07/17/2019 10:07:51]
Being is a matrix of human mistakes. More Anatoly Yurkin [07/17/2019 04:07:09]
The splendid soul is good for dessert after being close to a beautiful body. More Eugene Ryabyi [07/17/2019 04:07:10]
Pension reform improves the business climate for all funeral agents. More Anatoly Yurkin [07/17/2019 12:07:33]
Repeatability is an Assembly of technologies and skills for Me. More Anatoly Yurkin [07/16/2019 02:07:23]
Pension reform will provide lacerisaie the lifestyle of the beneficiaries of the funeral business. More Anatoly Yurkin [07/16/2019 12:07:25]
Pension reform is a snowball effect on the income of the funeral business. More Anatoly Yurkin [07/15/2019 12:07:39]
The recursion of non-Fiat electronic money is Ariadne's virtual thread for the digital king Midas. More Anatoly Yurkin [07/14/2019 11:07:51]

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Eugene Ryabyi The soul is the information base of eternity. [06/29/2019 03:06:53] More

Anatoly Yurkin A critic is a satirist with a birthday cake on his face. [06/23/2019 12:06:35] More

Eugeny Antonuk The past is the same that happened in the present, only marked with the heading "past." [06/23/2019 08:06:38] More

Eugene Ryabyi The bored man is a man who can fall into the power of any vice. [07/01/2019 06:07:42] More

Eugene Ryabyi To taint the soul is enough to commit sin once, but to clean it eternity needs. [07/10/2019 04:07:06] More