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On a terrible road better to fly. More Georgijj Aleksandrov [02/18/2019 03:02:26]
A brand is a trademark with an aura of repeatability. More Anatoly Yurkin [02/18/2019 05:02:34]
Only weak people choose the heroes for themselves. More Eugene Ryabyi [02/18/2019 05:02:44]
A happy moment is worth eternity. More Eugene Ryabyi [02/18/2019 05:02:45]
Old age is given to people is to scare the mirror. More Eugene Ryabyi [02/18/2019 05:02:17]
Money is a brand of wealth. More Anatoly Yurkin [02/18/2019 12:02:30]
The brand covers the audience with passion confirming the readiness to make repeated actions with the product or service. More Anatoly Yurkin [02/17/2019 06:02:50]
Youth is given to man in order to gift freshness of his body and enjoy the bodies of others, and old age is to share the beauty of a wise soul. More Eugene Ryabyi [02/17/2019 05:02:28]
Only the devils go out clean from the dirty. More Eugene Ryabyi [02/17/2019 05:02:36]
In order to become immortal, one can plunge into eternity. More Eugene Ryabyi [02/17/2019 05:02:35]
Aphorism is the product of the half-life of truth. More Anatoly Yurkin [02/17/2019 12:02:33]
In the digital age, people will remain the operator of repeated actions. More Anatoly Yurkin [02/16/2019 07:02:28]
Justice lives in the hearts of offended. More Eugene Ryabyi [02/16/2019 07:02:40]
True love cannot be measured even by eternity. More Eugene Ryabyi [02/16/2019 07:02:15]
The bed of a lonely person is full of healthy sleep. More Eugene Ryabyi [02/16/2019 07:02:52]
The digital brand is something like Mozart's music, cheerfully sounding from the mysterious depths of virtual reality. More Anatoly Yurkin [02/16/2019 05:02:46]
Digital brand is mozartisten repeated actions, encourages re-action. More Anatoly Yurkin [02/16/2019 12:02:19]
People are eternal wanderers in the search of money. More Eugene Ryabyi [02/15/2019 12:02:14]
Youth believes in eternal life, middle age begins to doubt, and old age trembles before death. More Eugene Ryabyi [02/15/2019 12:02:56]
Death is the frame by which human life is constrained. More Eugene Ryabyi [02/15/2019 12:02:23]
Decentralization is a recursion of repeated actions. More Anatoly Yurkin [02/15/2019 02:02:38]
Repeat actions to understand capital operators of repeatability? More Anatoly Yurkin [02/15/2019 12:02:13]
Repeat actions to understand capital operators of repeatability? More Anatoly Yurkin [02/15/2019 12:02:18]
Love is when you love a person even with his pain. More Eugene Ryabyi [02/14/2019 09:02:41]
The later the first love comes, the more succelent its fruits. More Eugene Ryabyi [02/14/2019 09:02:18]

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