quote: The Cox Report documents a systematic, well-planned effort by the Chinese military at the highest levels to target and acquire technology for military modernization.

quote: A page has been opened on the path to modernization.

quote: Not only are these aircraft important in sustaining near-term production rates, this buy also reaffirms the commitment to the F-16 by our number one customer in continuing modernization of the USAF multi-role fighter force,

quote: Not only are these aircraft important in sustaining near-term production rates, this buy also reaffirms the commitment to the F-16 by our number one customer in continuing modernization of the USAF multi-role fighter force.

quote: Even with, or perhaps, because of, this background, I have over the past few years sensed a very dramatic change in attitude on the part of Prince Edward Islanders towards the on-going rush for so-called modernization.

quote: The Saudi government's denial of basic rights to women is not only wrong, it hurts Saudi Arabia's economic development, modernization and prosperity.

quote: This is part of our ongoing work with the Army Corps, ... It's been reported that some of these cases may have prevented things like the modernization of levees. This is part of our normal work, to determine what has happened.

quote: The dramatic modernization of the Asian economies ranks alongside the Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution as one of the most important developments in economic history.

quote: It worries me about our unwillingness to really address reforms and modernization in Medicare. This thing was designed 37 years ago. It has not evolved to keep pace with current medical technology.

quote: As countries grapple with modernization, people who are left behind tend to hold firmer and firmer to their view of the evil of modernity.

quote: Pentagon's readiness and modernization problems are not due to budget cuts. The are the result of habitual modes of conduct evolved during the Cold War and a desire by the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex (MICC) to protect its comfortable life style in a world that is changing rapidly.

quote: [To the cultures of Asia and the continent of Africa] it is the Western impact which has stirred up the winds of change and set the processes of modernization in motion. Education brought not only the idea of equality but also another belief which we used to take for granted in the West-the idea of progress, the idea that science and technology can be used to better human conditions. In ancient society, men tended to believe themselves fortunate if tomorrow was not worse than today and anyway, there was little they cou

quote: If the only obstacle to the renewal and modernization of France is a choice of personnel, I am completely convinced that the president will make the right choice, .. What is at stake is not Alain Juppe but France.

quote: I always say that modernization is not an abstract thing; its a very specific task.

quote: Hell is very likely to be modernization infinitely extended.

quote: The developments in the North were those loosely embraced in the term modernization and included urbanization, industrialization,and mechanization. While those changes went forward apace, the antebellum South changed comparatively little, clinging to its rural, agricultural, labor-intensive economy and its traditional folk culture.

quote: Expansion and modernization of the nation's productive plant is essential to accelerate economic growth and to improve the international competitive position of American industry An early stimulus to business investment will promote recovery and increase employment.

quote: I consider the modernization of the Middle East the central challenge of our time. This region behaves as if it were disturbed, if you'll excuse the clinical expression.

quote: Compulsive modernization is the insatiable desire to change and grow.

quote: The question of modernization is central to disturbances in the Middle East and in Africa. Everyone is after modernization, no matter where they come from. But you have to be careful about it, and more importantly, you have to have sense about it.

quote: Platformization always optimize plus decentralization, digitalization, plus the scalability of the game after upgrades.

quote: The nationalists are the personnel service of regional modernization. (Anatoly Yurkin)

quote: Nationalism is the involvement of the book reader in regional modernization. (Anatoly Yurkin)

quote: Existence is a primordial model of catch-up development. (Anatoly Yurkin)

quote: Modernization means Westernization.

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