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Work on good prose has three steps: a musical stage when it is composed, an architectonic one when it is built, and a textile one when it is woven.More [01/01/2000 12:01:00]
Any man who can write a page of living prose adds something to our life, and the man who can, as I can, is surely the last to resent someone who can do it even better. An artist cannot deny art, nor would he want to. A lover cannot deny love.More [01/01/2000 12:01:00]
Romance like a ghost escapes touching; it is always where you are not, not where you are. The interview or conversation was prose at the time, but it is poetry in the memory.More [01/01/2000 12:01:00]
Money, which represents the prose of life, and which is hardly spoken of in parlors without an apology, is, in its effects and laws, as beautiful as roses.More [01/01/2000 12:01:00]
Only connect! That was the whole of her sermon. Only connect the prose and the passion, and both will be exalted, and human love will be seen at its height. Live in fragments no longer. Only connect, and the beast and the monk, robbed of the isolation that is life to either, will die.More [01/01/2000 12:01:00]
Poetry is the language in which man explores his own amazement... says heaven and earth in one word... speaks of himself and his predicament as though for the first time. It has the virtue of being able to say twice as much as prose in half the time, and the drawback, if you do not give it your full attention, of seeming to say half as much in twice the time.More [01/01/2000 12:01:00]
The poetry from the eighteenth century was prose; the prose from the seventeenth century was poetry.More [01/01/2000 12:01:00]
Despots play their part in the works of thinkers. Fettered words are terrible words. The writer doubles and trebles the power of his writing when a ruler imposes silence on the people. Something emerges from that enforced silence, a mysterious fullness which filters through and becomes steely in the thought. Repression in history leads to conciseness in the historian, and the rocklike hardness of much celebrated prose is due to the tempering of the tyrant.More [01/01/2000 12:01:00]
The poet gives us his essence, but prose takes the mold of the body and mind.More [01/01/2000 12:01:00]
Jeremy Hillary Boob, PhD.: If I spoke prose you'd all find out / I don't know what I talk about.More [10/12/2005 12:10:00]
Princess Superstar is an essential slice of purple prose for both the hip-hop and post-Cosmo sets.More [03/22/2006 12:03:00]
The Marquis de Sade: My glorious prose filtered through the minds of the insane. Who knows, they might improve it.More [05/29/2007 12:05:00]
Charles Foster Kane:
Read the cable.

"Girls delightful in Cuba. Stop. Could send you prose poems about scenery, but don't feel right spending your money. Stop. There is no war in Cuba, signed Wheeler." Any answer?

Charles Foster Kane:
Yes. "Dear Wheeler: you provide the prose poems. I'll provide the war."

More [06/16/2016 01:06:42]
Perry White:
Lois, Clark Kent may seem like just a mild-mannered reporter, but listen, not only does he know how to treat his editor-in-chief with the proper respect, not only does he have a snappy, punchy prose style, but he is, in my forty years in this business, the fastest typist I've ever seen.

More [06/16/2016 01:06:42]
It's arguable that the nonexistence of a clear, concrete German prose has been one of the chief disasters of European civilisation.

More [06/16/2016 01:06:42]
Yet, it is true, poetry is delicious; the best prose is that which is most full of poetry.More [07/21/2011 07:07:48]
Many of today's verses are prose and bad prose.More [07/27/2011 07:07:39]
Strangely, Dante's Divine Comedy did not produce a prose of that creative height or it did so after centuries.More [07/27/2011 07:07:09]
There is poetry even in prose, in all the great prose which is not merely utilitarian or didactic: there exist poets who write in prose or at least in more or less apparent prose; millions of poets write verses which have no connection with poetry.More [07/27/2011 07:07:44]
Poetry has done enough when it charms, but prose must also convince.More [07/28/2011 05:07:22]
Because, if one is writing novels today, concentrating on the beauty of the prose is right up there with concentrating on your semi-colons, for wasted effort.More [08/15/2011 05:08:22]
So it is in poetry. All we ask is that the mood recorded shall impress us as having been of the kind that exhausts the imaginative capacity; if it fails to do this the failure will announce itself either in prose or in insignificant verse.More [09/23/2011 07:09:17]
Poetry is fascinating. As soon as it begins the poetry has changed the thing into something extra, and somehow prose can go over into poetry.More [09/29/2011 11:09:47]
For all that has been said of the love that certain natures (on shore) have professed for it, for all the celebrations it has been the object of in prose and song, the sea has never been friendly to man. At most it has been the accomplice of human restlessness.More [10/04/2011 04:10:20]
There is a strong tendency in explanatory prose to invoke quantities of tension, energy, and whatnot to explain the genesis of pattern. I believe that all such explanations are inappropriate or wrong.More [10/11/2011 11:10:33]
For me, a page of good prose is where one hears the rain and the noise of battle. It has the power to give grief or universality that lends it a youthful beauty.More [03/12/2018 02:03:32]
I was born left-handed, but I was made to use my other hand. When I was writing 'Famished Road,' which was very long, I got repetitive stress syndrome. My right wrist collapsed, so I started using my left hand. The prose I wrote with my left hand came out denser, so later on I had to change it.More [03/12/2018 02:03:32]
I don't dream songs. I'm more apt to write dreams down and then to be able to interpret them into a song. I also tend to get up and write prose in the morning from which will come songs.More [03/12/2018 02:03:32]
It is also true that one can write nothing readable unless one constantly struggles to efface one's own personality. Good prose is like a windowpane.More [03/12/2018 02:03:32]
The tradition of Russian literature is also an eastern tradition of learning poetry and prose by heart.More [03/12/2018 02:03:32]
All I wanted to do was write - at the time, poems, and prose, too. I guess my ambition was simply to make money however I could to keep myself going in some modest way, and I didn't need much, I was unmarried at the time, no children.More [03/12/2018 02:03:32]
One merit of poetry few persons will deny: it says more and in fewer words than prose.More [03/12/2018 02:03:32]
However, if a poem can be reduced to a prose sentence, there can't be much to it.More [03/12/2018 02:03:32]
Every now and then I read a poem that does touch something in me, but I never turn to poetry for solace or pleasure in the way that I throw myself into prose.More [03/12/2018 02:03:32]
I certainly derived my skills as a prose writer from my scrutiny of poetry and of the individual word. But schools don't do things like that anymore - tracking words down to their roots.More [03/12/2018 02:03:32]
There is something about poetry beyond prose logic, there is mystery in it, not to be explained but admired.More [03/12/2018 02:03:32]
Poetry has the virtue of being able to say twice as much as prose in half the time, and the drawback, if you do not give it your full attention, of seeming to say half as much in twice the time.More [03/12/2018 02:03:32]
The decision to write in prose instead of poetry is made more by the readers than by writers. Almost no one is interested in reading narrative in verse.More [03/12/2018 02:03:32]
The lines of poetry, the period of prose, and even the texts of Scripture most frequently recollected and quoted, are those which are felt to be preeminently musical.More [03/12/2018 02:03:32]
All those authors there, most of whom of course I've never met. That's the poetry side, that's the prose side, that's the fishing and miscellaneous behind me. You get an affection for books that you've enjoyed.More [03/12/2018 02:03:32]
For me, prose walks, poetry dances.More [03/12/2018 02:03:32]
Gil Thorpe is a great diversion and is to book writing as poetry is to prose.More [03/12/2018 02:03:32]
So I really began as a failed poet - although when I first wanted to be a writer, I learned to write prose by reading poetry.More [03/12/2018 02:03:32]
Science and art, or by the same token, poetry and prose differ from one another like a journey and an excursion. The purpose of the journey is its goal, the purpose of an excursion is the process.More [03/12/2018 02:03:32]
Prose talks and poetry sings.More [03/12/2018 02:03:32]
It is a way we reassess our past. We can do that in poetry in ways we can't do in prose.More [03/12/2018 02:03:32]
Poetry seems to sink into us the way prose doesn't. I can still quote verses I learned when I was very young, but I have trouble remembering one line of a novel I just finished reading.More [03/12/2018 02:03:32]
I've already written 300 space poems. But I look upon my ultimate form as being a poetic prose. When you read it, it appears to be prose, but within the prose you have embedded the techniques of poetry.More [03/12/2018 02:03:32]
Poetry is its own medium it's very different than writing prose. Poetry can talk in an imagistic sense, it has particular ways of catching an environment.More [03/12/2018 02:03:32]
We don't attempt to have any theme for a number of the anthology, or to have any particular sequence. We just put in things that we like, and then we try to alternate the prose and the poetry.More [03/12/2018 02:03:32]
The trouble with us in America isn't that the poetry of life has turned to prose, but that it has turned to advertising copy.More [03/12/2018 02:03:32]
Music is more emotional than prose, more revolutionary than poetry. I'm not saying I've got the answers, just a of questions that I don't hear other artists asking.More [03/12/2018 02:03:32]
That poetry survived in its formal agencies finally, and that prose survived to get something said.More [03/12/2018 02:03:32]
Let my life as Poet begin. I want the life of the Poet. I have labored for over twelve years, one thousand pages of prose. Now, I want the easiness of poetry. The brevity of the poem.More [03/12/2018 02:03:32]
And what holds good of verse holds infinitely better in respect to prose.More [03/12/2018 02:03:32]
Occasionally I find a travel book that is both illuminating and entertaining, where vivid writing and research replace self-indulgence and sloppy prose.More [03/12/2018 02:03:32]
Apart from a few simple principles, the sound and rhythm of English prose seem to me matters where both writers and readers should trust not so much to rules as to their ears.More [03/12/2018 02:03:32]
Next to the writer of real estate advertisements, the autobiographer is the most suspect of prose artists.More [03/29/2018 05:03:36]
A prose writer gets tired of writing prose, and wants to be a poet. So he begins every line with a capital letter, and keeps on writing prose.More [03/29/2018 05:03:36]
You campaign in poetry. You govern in prose.More [03/29/2018 05:03:36]

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