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When your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme.More [01/01/2000 12:01:00]
A fair request should be followed by the deed in silence.More [01/01/2000 12:01:00]
Society everywhere is in conspiracy against the manhood of every one of its members. The virtue in most request is conformity. Self-reliance is its aversion. It loves not realities and creators, but names and customs.More [01/01/2000 12:01:00]
The virtue in most request is conformity.More [01/01/2000 12:01:00]
A clever, imagination, humorous request can open closed doors and closed minds.More [01/01/2000 12:01:00]
Professor Snape: [taps the blank Marauder's Map with his wand] Reveal your secrets.
[writing appears on the map]
Professor Snape: Read it.
Harry: "Messrs. Mooney, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs, offer their compliments to Professor Snape and..."
Professor Snape: Go on.
Harry: "... and request that he keep his abnormally large nose out of other people's business."More [07/27/2005 12:07:00]
Ponsonby: The draft of the cable, Lord Stokeshire.
Earl of Stokeshire: Read it out, Ponsonby.
Ponsonby: "The Earl and Countess of Stokeshire request the honor of your presence..."
Earl of Stokeshire: [interrupting] Ridiculous! Cables cost money. Take this down
[counts words on his fingers]
Earl of Stokeshire: "Daughters being married June seventeenth. Expect you, Stokeshire."More [12/17/2005 12:12:00]
Sir Mortimer Chris: As I was personally indisposed at the hospital, the safety of the princess was in fact in the hands of my two cabinet men, Mr. Lipman and Mr. Kubert. They are both honourable men, and in the past twenty four hours each have handed in a written request to be publically crucified. And regrettably, I had to grant this request.More [02/08/2006 12:02:00]
Al Neri: Our friend and associate Hyman Roth is in the news. The High Court of Israel turned down his request to live there as a returning Jew. He landed in Buenos Aires last night offering a "gift" of a million dollars if they'd let him stay. They said no. His passport's been invalidated, except for his return trip to the States.
Tom Hagen: He'll try Panama next.
Michael Corleone: Panama won't take him. Not for a million, not for ten million.More [02/23/2007 12:02:00]
Henry Hurt: I, uh, I have a request from the news people.
Marilyn Lovell: Uh-huh?
Henry Hurt: They're out front here. They want to put a transmitter up on the lawn.
Marilyn Lovell: Transmitter?
Henry Hurt: Kind of a tower, for live broadcast.
Marilyn Lovell: I thought they didn't care about this mission. They didn't even run Jim's show.
Henry Hurt: Well, it's more dramatic now. Suddenly people are...
Marilyn Lovell: Landing on the moon wasn't dramatic enough for them - why should NOT landing on it be?
Henry Hurt: Look, I, um, I realize how hard this is, Marilyn, but the whole world is caught up in this, it's historic-...
Marilyn Lovell: No, Henry! Those people don't put one piece of equipment on my lawn. If they have a problem with that, they can take it up with my husband. He'll be HOME... on FRIDAY!More [04/08/2007 12:04:00]
William 'Bill' Pogue, CAPCOM: 13, we just got another request from the Flight Surgeon for you to get some sleep. Don't like these readings down here.
Jim Lovell: [Tearing off his biomeds] Let's see how he likes this. I am sick and tired of the entire western world knowing how my kidneys are functioning!
Dr. Chuck: [after Lovell's heartrate flatlines] Flight, we just lost Lovell!
William 'Bill' Pogue, CAPCOM: 13, Houston. Jim, we just had a bottoming out on your biomeds.
Jim Lovell: I'm not wearing my biomeds.
William 'Bill' Pogue, CAPCOM: [after Gene Kranz shrugs it off] Ok, Jim. Copy that.
[Jack and Fred now tear away their own biomeds]
Dr. Chuck: [after all three crew members flatline] Flight, now I lost all three of them!
Gene Kranz: It's just a little medical mutiny, Doc. I'm sure the boys are still with us. Let's cut them a little slack, ok?More [04/08/2007 12:04:00]
Ivy Walker: I heard my parents speaking of you. I know of your request to go to the towns. I think it is noble, but I do not think it is right.
Lucius Hunt: Are you not angry you have no sight?
Ivy Walker: [whispering] I see the world, Lucius Hunt. Just not as you see it.
Lucius Hunt: [quietly] What of Noah, then? What if there are medicines for Noah, that could help him be still and to learn?
Ivy Walker: May we stop speaking of this? It is putting knots in my stomach.
[Ivy turns away, then turns back]
Ivy Walker: [whispering] Kitty is to be married. She's found love, again, with Christop Crane. You think it an odd choice, right? You know, he won't sit back in his chair for fear of setting wrinkles in his shirts. But he does have a gentlemanly way about him... and he does care for my sister, deeply. I think Kitty is blessed. I am blessed as well. My older sister is now spoken for. I am now free to receive interest from anyone... who might have interest.More [05/30/2007 12:05:00]
Dr. Marlowe: He once told me he thought he was being pursued by Russians. It was during the Olympics. He told us that they wanted to assassinate him. We knew he was suffering from acute paranoia, possibly even schizophrenia. He told us the assassins were on the Olympic team. So we brought a television in at his request to he could identify the killers. We spent two weeks watching him, monitoring his every move, noting every statement. When it was all over, he admitted that he simply wanted to watch the diving. He was lying. He thought it was a hell of a joke.More [06/07/2007 12:06:00]
Kate: Sarah, your suspension from lacrosse for excessive force has been lifted, so you're going today.
Sarah Baker: Yes!
Kate: Henry, you have band practice, all right? I cleaned your clarinet. Please don't play with food in your mouth again. Kim and Jessica, your teacher called and has made a request that you do not correct her in front of the class. Mike, you have show-and-tell today. And please, honey, remember that body parts do not count. Kyle and Nigel, you have a dentist's appointment at three o'clock, so you're going to work with Dad.
Nigel Baker, Kyle Baker: Yeah!
Tom: [yells]More [07/17/2007 12:07:00]
No action or investigation has been taken to determine who is leaking this information or why they are permitted to violate the law in such a manner. I respectfully request that people see these efforts for what they are.More [09/23/2007 12:09:00]
Caesar: [Aims gun at Billy, Henry, Jack and Albert] My name is Caesar. Mr. Nivens asked me to stop you. I must request you not move.
Billy: Put that thing away, you hold it like a goddamn doorman.
Caesar: I am the doorman.
Billy: Then get us a cab.More [09/28/2007 12:09:00]
I know the law enforcement community has been very concerned about this case, ... I want to thank Gov. Riley for responding so quickly to my request for some reward money for this case. Hopefully, Lt. Woods' son will be found safe.More [10/01/2007 12:10:00]
Paul: [realizing that a poisoned Thufir is being forced to try and assassinate him] ... You have served House Atreides faithfully for three generations, Thufir Hawat. As the new Duke, I hereby invite you to ask me for whatever you wish. You may request anything of me, anything at all.
[He stares deeply into Thufir's eyes]
Paul: Do you need my life, Thufir? If so, my life is yours. Take it.
[Thufir hesitates, looking as if he might cry]
Paul: I'm serious, Thufir. If you mean to strike, strike. I will not resist you.
Thufir Hawat: [He turns to Feyd and the Emperor] ... Did you actually believe, even for a moment, that I would fail my Duke TWICE?
[He commits suicide]More [10/04/2007 12:10:00]
[about Veronica's request for an abortion]
Dr. Cheevers: Listen, I don't mean to interfere, but I detect a certain uncertainty here. You know, there are tests we can do to determine whether or not...
Veronica Quaife: [interrupting] I don't want tests. Tests can't guarantee anything. The baby could start off normal and then become...
[she pauses]
Veronica Quaife: I want an abortion. I'll do it myself if I have to.More [11/13/2007 12:11:00]
Peg: Have you seen Cully? He's been missing for an hour.
Frankie: Have you tried the lost-and-found department?
Peg: No. I'm afraid they'll find him.
Frankie: I always know where to find Johnny. In the casino losing his shirt.
Peg: Well, with the way the other girls look at him, you're lucky he isn't playing around.
Frankie: You know what I'd do if he ever did me wrong?
[pretends to point a gun to her head]
Peg: Shoot yourself?
Frankie: No, him.
Peg: Oh.
Frankie: [as Johnny walks in the room, Frankie pretends to shoot him]
Frankie: Bang! Bang! Bang!
Johnny: Oh!
[Johnny pretends to fall to his death]
Johnny: One last request before I... cross the great footlights up yonder.
Frankie: Like what?
Johnny: Like, would you loan me 25 bucks so I could pay Cully what I owe him?
Frankie: Cully loaned you 25? Where did he get it?
Peg: Between my nightgown and my petticoat.
Frankie: Do you know how much you owe me already?
Johnny: Who's counting?
Frankie: Are you sure you don't want this money to gamble?
Johnny: Word of honor and cross my heart and may you never kiss me again.
Frankie: He sounds sincere. What would you do, Peg?
Peg: What any woman with an ounce of pride or self-respect would do. Give him the money.
Johnny: [as Frankie gets the money out for Johnny] Greatest little bank in America. Two greatest little banks in America.
Peg: What a shame you don't have an account there.More [11/26/2007 12:11:00]
Roy Bensinger of the Tribune: [picks up his phone] This is Bensinger. Give me a rewrite man. Oh, Marty, is that you?
[reads from notes]
Roy Bensinger of the Tribune: "New lead on the Earl Williams Hanging"... Yes, the execution is still set for seven o'clock in the morning. "The authorities are prepared for a general uprising of radicals at that time".
Murphy: [picks up his phone while playing poker] Murphy here. Get me rewrite.
Roy Bensinger of the Tribune: "Extra guards have just been thrown around the jail, the municipal building, railroad terminals, elevated stations".
Murphy: Update on the Williams hanging: Sheriff Hartman's just put 200 more relatives on the payroll to protect the city against the Red Army, which is leaving Moscow in a couple of minutes. Bet a dime.
Roy Bensinger of the Tribune: "Now, this is what the condemned man ordered for his final meal: shrimp cocktail with Thousand Island dressing, rare roast beef, Brussels sprouts, apple pie à la mode, Ovaltine".
Murphy: For his last meal, Williams is getting a 95-cent Blue Plate Special from the greasy spoon across the street.
Roy Bensinger of the Tribune: "At nine o'clock tonight, Williams will be examined by still another psycholigist, Dr. Max J. Eggelhofer, at the request of The Friends of American Liberty"... Eggelhofer. Yes, he's from Vienna... It's in my story this morning! He wrote that book, "Self-Abuse and Anti-Social Behavior".
Murphy: Poor bastard's gonna swing in the morning, and this big brain from Vienna wants to ask him if he played with himself when he was five. More later.
[hangs up]More [12/04/2007 12:12:00]
Maj. Walter H. Taylor: General Trimble is waiting. Will you see him now?
General Robert E. Lee: Very well.
[he looks at Marshall]
General Robert E. Lee: Major, I want a scouting party sent out posthaste to find General Stuart.
Maj. Charles Marshall: Yes, sir.
General Robert E. Lee: Thank you.
Maj. Charles Marshall: Right away, sir.
General Robert E. Lee: [Trimble enters the room] General Trimble.
Maj. Gen. Isaac R. Trimble: [Trimble salutes, and Lee returns it] Sir, I most respectfully request another assignment.
General Robert E. Lee: [Lee looks at Trimble, then sits down] Do please go on, General.
Maj. Gen. Isaac R. Trimble: The man is a disgrace! Sir, have you been listening at all to... to what the aides have been telling you? Ask General Gordon or General Ewell. Ask them. We could've taken that hill! God in His wisdom knows we *should've* taken it! There was no one there, no there at all, and it commanded the town.
[he sighs]
Maj. Gen. Isaac R. Trimble: General Gordon saw it. I mean, he was with us! Me and Ewell and Gordon, all standing there in the dark like fat, great idiots with that bloody damned hill empty!
[he stops]
Maj. Gen. Isaac R. Trimble: I beg your pardon, General.
[Lee nods]
Maj. Gen. Isaac R. Trimble: That bloody damned hill was bare as his bloody damned head! We all saw it, as God is my witness! We were all there. I said to him, "General Ewell, we have *got* to take that hill." General Jackson would not have stopped like this, with the bluebellies on the run and there was plenty of light left on a hill like that empty! Well, God help us, I... I don't know wh... I don't know why I...
[he stops]
General Robert E. Lee: Do please continue, General.
Maj. Gen. Isaac R. Trimble: Yes, sir. Sir... I said to him, General Ewell, these words. I said to him, "Sir, give me one division and I will take that hill." And he said nothing. He just stood there, he stared at me. I said, "General Ewell, give me one brigade and I will take that hill." I was becoming disturbed, sir. And General Ewell put his arms behind him and blinked. So I said, General, give me one *regiment* and I will take that hill." And he said *nothing*! He just stood there! I threw down my sword, down on the ground in front of him!
[he stops and regains his composure]
Maj. Gen. Isaac R. Trimble: We... we could've done it, sir. A blind man should've seen it. Now they're working up there. You can hear the axes of the Federal troops. And so in the morning... many a good boy will die... taking that hill.More [12/12/2007 12:12:00]
Peter Venkman: Here's something off the request line from Liberty Island. We're gonna squeeze some New Year's juice from ya, Big Apple!More [12/18/2007 12:12:00]
Maj. Malcolm A. Powers: Your DD 1348 forms are not filled out correctly.
Choozoo: Yes, sir.
Maj. Malcolm A. Powers: We're going to approach this exercise in an orderly proficiant manner, Sergeant Major. I want each round of ammunition counted and returned in the exact condition in which it was received.
Choozoo: I'll personally dot the I's and cross the T's, sir.
Maj. Malcolm A. Powers: Sloppiness breeds inefficiancy.
[Ring and Highway approach]
Maj. Malcolm A. Powers: Your outfit looks like it could use some cleaning up, Gunny.
Highway: Sir, I'd like to issued my squad leader a set of night vision goggles.
Lieutenant M.R. Ring: Darn, I should have thought of that.
Maj. Malcolm A. Powers: That is not part of your TO&E.
Highway: But, sir, I...
Maj. Malcolm A. Powers: Fill out the proper request forms and send it through the chain of command!
Highway: Request forms!
Maj. Malcolm A. Powers: [Colonel gets out of car] Atten-shun! Major Malcom Powers, sir. Annapolis class of '71.
Colonel Meyers: How are men doing, Major?
Maj. Malcolm A. Powers: My men are ready to fight to the death to defend our country, sir.
Colonel Meyers: Well, let's hope that won't be necessary.
[Looks at Highway]
Colonel Meyers: Have we ever served together?
Highway: I don't know, sir. Sergeant Major Choozoo and I were in the 2nd Battalion and 7th in '68.
Colonel Meyers: I had a rifle company in the 1st Battalion and 7th in '68.
Highway: Well, we sure as hell chewed some of the same dirt, sir.
Colonel Meyers: That's for sure. What's your assessment of this exersize?
Highway: It's a cluster fuck.
Colonel Meyers: Say again?
Highway: Marines are fighting men, sir. They shouldn't be sitting around on their sorry asses filling out request forms for equipment they should already have.
Colonel Meyers: Interesting observation. Carry on, Major.
PA Announcer: Now hear this. Now hear this.
Maj. Malcolm A. Powers: This is it. We're going to war.More [02/19/2008 12:02:00]
Major G.F. Devin: At ease. That'll be all Sergeant Major.
Sergeant Major in Court: Aye, aye, sir.
Major G.F. Devin: Oh, for Christ sake Highway, relax. Stop being so damn gung ho.
Highway: That's what I am, sir.
Major G.F. Devin: What do you got about 24 in now Highway?
Highway: And then some, sir.
Major G.F. Devin: You know, some men in your position might look forward to retirement. Maybe think about taking the wife on an around the world cruise. But that's not your way, is it? No. Instead you choose to harrang my staff with a request for transfer to a fleet marine force unit. In fact the very unit you got busted out of some time ago for insubordination. Conduct unbecoming.
Highway: [woman marine enters office] That's true, major, I have had my differences with some limp dicks.
Major G.F. Devin: Highway!
[woman leaves]
Major G.F. Devin: You know, I truly don't know whether to admire ya or resent the living hell out of of ya. Well, I guess it doesn't matter either way because you are out of here effective immediately.
Highway: Where to, sir?
Major G.F. Devin: 2nd Recon Battalion. 2nd Marine Division. You're goin' home.
Highway: Yes, sir!
[Turns to leave]
Major G.F. Devin: Gunny Highway.
Highway: Sir?
Major G.F. Devin: Be careful what you wish for. You might just get it.More [02/19/2008 12:02:00]
I have attended to your request about the armistice.More [02/25/2008 12:02:00]
Lt. Commander Block: Yankee Doodle Floppy Disk, this is Foxtrot Zulu Milkshake, checking in at 700 feet, request permission to land.
Jim 'Wash Out' Pfaffenbach: Roger that, Foxtrot Zulu Milkshake, you are cleared to land. Welcome to the Mediterranean!
Kent Gregory: Wash Out, is that you?
Jim 'Wash Out' Pfaffenbach: You bet, they put me in charge of radar! From now on, I'll be your eyes on the ground!More [03/30/2008 12:03:00]
Miles Massey: Baron von Espy, what is your profession?
Heinz, the Baron Krauss von Espy: [in outrageous French accent] Silly man. I am a baron.
Miles Massey: Yes, but do you not also hold a day job? Paying job. A, uh, a square job.
Heinz, the Baron Krauss von Espy: Well, one has to live. I am the concierge of Les Pantalons Rouges at Bad-Gadesbourg in the canton of Uri.
Miles Massey: And what does that job entail?
Heinz, the Baron Krauss von Espy: I satisfy such requests as the clientele may present.
Miles Massey: Towels, ice, et cetera?
Heinz, the Baron Krauss von Espy: We have bellmen for that. No, no, no. Such requests that, were you at home, you would address not to your valet but to your majordomo.
[to his yapping dog]
Heinz, the Baron Krauss von Espy: Shush, poochy-chow.
Miles Massey: I see.
[Pointing to Marilyn Rexroth]
Miles Massey: Baron, do you recognize that woman?
Heinz, the Baron Krauss von Espy: Ah, cher Marylin. But of course. Look who is here. Hi!
Miles Massey: And she was a guest of the Red... Trousers?
Heinz, the Baron Krauss von Espy: Oh, many times, for relaxing and making Alpine recreation.
Miles Massey: Mm-hmm. I am curious about her visit of five years ago. January ninteen ninty eight. Can you remember any specific request she made at that time?
Heinz, the Baron Krauss von Espy: Yes, I can.
Miles Massey: And, what, at that time, did she tell you she required?
Heinz, the Baron Krauss von Espy: She said that she required... a husband!More [04/21/2008 12:04:00]
Jack Ruby: My life is in danger! If you request that I go back to Washington with you- that is if you want to hear further testimony from me... Can you do that? Can you take me with you?
Earl Warren: No, that cannot be done. There will be no safe place for you. We're not law-enforcement officers.More [05/05/2008 12:05:00]
Dr. Sporum:
Never let it be said that a Sporum ever refused the request of a Ginglebusher.

More [06/16/2016 01:06:42]
Émile Zola:
Why didn't Picquart say anything?

Lucie Dreyfus:
Colonel Picquart is a good officer. He kept silent at the request of his superiors.

Émile Zola:
You mean they KNEW and they ordered him to suppress the truth? Why,that's monstrous!

More [06/16/2016 01:06:42]
[opening words, before faces shown on screen] Request your position. Come in, Lancaster. Come in, Lancaster.

Position - nil, repeat nil. Age - 27, 27, did you get that? Very important. Education - interrupted, violently interrupted. Religion - Church of England. Politics - Conservative by nature, Labour by experience. What's your name?

More [06/16/2016 01:06:42]
Michaleen Flynn:
I have... I have come.

Mary Kate Danaher:
Oh, I can see that. But from whose pub was it?

Michaleen Flynn:
Pub? Pub? You've the face of an angel with the tongue of an adder. I have a good mind to go about me own business and tell Thon Shorton he's better off without ya!

Mary Kate Danaher:
Wait a minute, what was that?

Michaleen Flynn:
Well be ye listenin' then and not interrupting this shall go on - the matchmakin'... I have come at the request of Thon Shorton...

Mary Kate Danaher:
Sean Thorton.

Michaleen Flynn:
Shut up... bachelor and party of the first part, to ask if you, uh - strictly and formally, mind you - eh, Mary Kate Danaher, spinster, and party of the second part.

Mary Kate Danaher:
Well. Go on. You were sayin'?

Michaleen Flynn:
Actually... me mouth is like a dry crust and the sun is that hot on me pate.

Mary Kate Danaher:
Will you be steppin' into the parlor? The house may belong to my brother, but what's in the parlor belongs to me.

Michaleen Flynn:
I will then... and I hope there's a bottle there, whoever it belongs to...

More [06/16/2016 01:06:42]
Radio Announcer:
And now, some tragic local news. We have a report of another murder tonight. A young girl has been found dead in Rogers Park. The body was badly mutilated. Because of these murders, the police request that all women stay inside their homes after dark. If you must go out, please have someone accompany you. Keep your door locked.

More [06/16/2016 01:06:42]
Dr. Craven:
[Answering a request for wine] Here's some nice hot milk.

Dr. Bedloe:
Milk! How vomitable.

More [06/16/2016 01:06:42]
[Brady overhears Chloe's request to go to Juliard]

Nobody puts down my singing, I have a great voice and everyone thinks so!

Yeah! Who thinks so? Mommy and Daddy is that who?

There are a lot of things you don't know about Chloe.

Yeah well, I know that when she sings she has zero emotion. Yeah, she can hit the notes fine, but her interpretation sucks!

YEAH! Well interpret this!

[threatens to pour ice water on him]

More [06/16/2016 01:06:42]
Col. Mathieu:
The word "torture" doesn't appear in our orders. We've always spoken of interrogation as the only valid method in a police operation directed against unknown enemies. As for the NLF, they request that their members, in the event of capture, should maintain silence for twenty-four hours, and then they may talk. So, the organization has already had the time it needs to render any information useless. What type of interrogation should we choose, the one the courts use for a murder case, that drags on for months?

More [06/16/2016 01:06:42]
I've assigned you to Station "C" Canada.

James Bond:
Sir, I'd respectfully request that you change my assignment to Nassau.

Is there any other reason, besides your enthusiasm for water sports?

More [06/16/2016 01:06:42]
[to Batman, posing as Kitka] If you please, to take off the mask to give the better picture?

Commissioner Gordon:
Great Scott! Batman take off his mask?

Chief O'Hara:
The woman must be mad!

Please... Chief O'Hara... all of you. This young lady is a stranger to our shores. Her request is not unnatural, however, impossible to grant.


Indeed. If Robin and I were to remove our masks, the secret of our true identities would be revealed.

Commissioner Gordon:
Completely destroying their value as ace crimefighters.

Chief O'Hara:
Sure, ma'am. Not even Commisioner Gordon and meself know who they really are.

In fact, our own relatives we live with don't know.

But your so curious costumes...

Don't be put off by them, ma'am. Underneath this garb, we're perfectly ordinary Americans.

You are like the masked vigilantes in the Westerns, no?

Commissioner Gordon:
Certainly not! Batman and Robin are fully deputized agents of the law.

Support your police! That's our message!

Well said, Robin... and no better way to end this press conference... thank you, and good day.

More [06/16/2016 01:06:42]
[Opening narration]

On November 13, Felix Unger was asked to remove himself from his place of residence; that request came from his wife. Deep down, he knew she was right, but he also knew that some day he would return to her. With nowhere else to go, he appeared at the home of his friend, Oscar Madison. Several years earlier, Madison's wife had thrown HIM out, requesting that HE never return. Can two divorced men share an apartment without driving each other crazy?

More [06/16/2016 01:06:42]
Gen. August Gneisenau:
[to Blucher on Wellington's request to move in the direction of Waterloo] Wellington has been beaten at Charleroi. Sir, I suggest we retreat in the direction of Berlin before we are cut off.

Field Marshal Gebhard von Blucher:
[Disgusted with Gneisenau] I am seventy-two years old and a proud soldier. This sword is my word of honor!

Gen. August Gneisenau:
Very well, because I have served you in the past, I will order a retreat in the direction of Namir. But, sir, if Wellington runs for the coast; I fear none of us will ever see Berlin.

More [06/16/2016 01:06:42]
Frank Burns:
[guarding a wounded POW] One wrong move and it's curtains. Get the message, Mr. Moto? Yeah, I thought so. You know plenty English. Okay, friend, I'm not a talking man. Next time I talk, this

[his loaded rifle]

Frank Burns:
talks for me. No questions asked. Curtains. Get the message, pal'o mine? I don't chew my cabbage twice. One wrong move and you'll find that out. I react

[whips around]

Frank Burns:
Zing! That's a big kiss-off. Capice? I tend to, uh, shoot first and ask questions later. Little habit I have. But you'll find out fast if you get cute. We straight on that?

[gets out walkie talkie]

Frank Burns:
Any allied personnel. Any allied personnel. I have begun to take prisoners. Request instructions re: prisoners or will be forced to shoot same. Over and out. I think you get the picture right, Amigo?

[the POW has fallen asleep]

More [06/16/2016 01:06:42]
Girl #1:
[Fred has put up Lamont's room for rent while he's in Mexico. A pregnant woman knocks on his door to request the room] Hello!

Fred Sanford:
[looks at her stomach] Hello to both of you.

More [06/16/2016 01:06:42]
Tom Hagen:
I have to get back to work. It's part of the wedding. No Sicilian can ever refuse a request on his daughter's wedding day.

More [06/16/2016 01:06:42]
Augusta Prodworthy:
And since I am strongly of the opinion that we are already providing more than enough entertainment for visitors, I wish to propose the motion that the provision of more would be detrimental to the good name of the borough.

Sid Fiddler:

Mayor Frederick Bumble:
Please, Councillor! I should strike that from the minutes, Miss Drew.

Miss Drew:
Ah, I beg your pardon, your worship?

Mayor Frederick Bumble:
Don't take down 'knickers'.

Sid Fiddler:
Chance would be a fine thing, wouldn't it, love?

Mayor Frederick Bumble:
Councillor Fiddler, I really must request you moderate your language while in committee.

Augusta Prodworthy:
I second that.

Sid Fiddler:
I do beg the Committee's pardon, your worship. But all this bleedin' codswollop about mucking up the good name of the borough gets on my wick!

Miss Drew:
Should I...?

Mayor Frederick Bumble:
No, no!

More [06/16/2016 01:06:42]
[to Foxy] We've discussed your request and we're not sure whether we want to help you or not. I mean this is a neighborhood committee and this is kind of out of our area.

Maybe the time has come to grow a bit, brother.

More [06/16/2016 01:06:42]
[Jack and Arthur are lying down and talking while awaiting deployment]

Did you hear what Tom did this morning?


He went to see old Nickelby, and asked him if they gave out compassionate leave if there's been a death in the family. So Nickelby said, "Oh, yeah, yeah, depending on the circumstances." And Tom said, "Well, there hasn't been a death in my family yet, but there's going to be one very soon, and I request leave to go home and console my parents."

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Enchant". Well! How nice. And what charming underclothes you both have. But here. Put these on.They'll make you feel less... vulnerable. It's not often we receive visitors here, let alone offer them... hospitality.

Hospitality? All we wanted to do was to use your telephone, Goddammit, a reasonable request which you've chosen to ignore!

Brad, don't be ungrateful.


How forceful you are, Brad. Such a perfect specimen of manhood. So... dominant.

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Princess Leia:
[in a holo message] General Kenobi: Years ago, you served my father in the Clone Wars; now he begs you to help him in his struggle against the Empire. I regret that I am unable to present my father's request to you in person; but my ship has fallen under attack and I'm afraid my mission to bring you to Alderaan has failed. I've placed information vital to the survival of the rebellion into the memory systems of this R2 unit. My father will know how to retrieve it. You must see this droid safely delivered to him on Alderaan. This is our most desperate hour. Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi; you're my only hope.

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Eva Miller:
[knocking on Ben's door in the middle of the night] Mister Mears? Telephone!

Ben Mears:
[sleepily] Oh, uh, ah, all right... Just a minute.

[opens door]

Ben Mears:
What is it? Long distance?

Eva Miller:
No. It's Jason Burke.

Ben Mears:
Oh... what time is it?

Eva Miller:
It's a little after four, and Mister Burke sounds very upset.

Ben Mears:
[still groggy] Oh, uh, hold on.

[comes out in his robe and Eve leads him to the phone. He picks up the receiver]

Ben Mears:
Yeah, Jason? What's the matter?


Ben Mears:
Well, give me about ten minutes.


Ben Mears:
Well, hell, no, I'm a... I was a Baptist... Jason?

[hangs up phone and turns to Eva]

Ben Mears:
Do you have a… a rosary? Or a crucifix?

Eva Miller:
In my bedroom. Mister Burke ask for it?

Ben Mears:
Yes, please.

Eva Miller:
Well, he's not Catholic. I don't even think he goes to church.

Ben Mears:
[tries to hurry her although he doesn't understand the request himself] Please?

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All right now, for all you boppers out there in the big city, all you street people with an ear for the action, I've been asked to relay a request from the Grammercy Riffs. It's a special for the Warriors, that real live bunch from Coney, and I do mean the Warriors. Here's a hit with them in mind.

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Peter Guillam:
The message will be, "Have information vital to the safeguarding of the service. Request immediate meeting. Personal." Remember, "Vital to the safeguarding of the service."

Ricki Tarr:
It's even true.

Peter Guillam:
Don't forget that. No mistakes, Ricki. You're head's on the block.

Ricki Tarr:
Not the only one, Peter.

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F-14 pilot #1:
[the Japanese Zeroes have just destroyed the Yacht] They blew it to pieces! They must've hit the fuel tank!

Captain Yelland:
Any survivors?

F-14 pilot #1:
Stand by... Affirmative. One, two, three Mae West. Hey wait a minute! Those bastards are turning back, they're gonna strafe them in the water! Request permission to arm and fire!

Captain Yelland:
Eagle Control to Alert One, you are clear to arm, but don't fire. Throw them off, play with them, but do not fire.

F-14 pilot #1:

[the F-14's proceed to intercept the Zeroes]

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[after being shocked by eavesdropping on Dr. Daniel and hearing that the "Cassandra Project" is being shut down, Max is shocked again when he is unexpectedly contacted by an approaching spaceship]

Mayday, Mayday! This is SERP Neptune 425946. Do you read me? This is SERP Neptune 425946. Do you read me? Over!

Max 404:
[in wonder] That's a woman's voice!

Mayday! We have a Mayday! This is SERP Neptune 425946. Do you read me? Over!

Max 404:
[transmitting] This is, uh, UL-C53 Station to SERP Neptune, I- I- I read you. What is your Mayday? Over.

We have sustained engine damage. Request permission to dock for repairs. Over.

Max 404:
[stunned] Dock?

Do you read, UL-C53? Request permission to dock. Imperative! Over!

[Max is indecisive over whether to disturb Dr. Daniel]

Max 404:
[transmitting] UL-C53 to SERP Neptune: Permission granted! Direct to pad coordinates Manx Terra Odin Godfrey Two. Do you read me? Over.

[Max waits anxiously for a response]

[transmitting] Do you read coordinates? Over!

Yes, yes, I read you. Acknowledge for approaching Manx Terra Odin Godfrey Two. Do you read? Over.

Max 404:
[transmitting] Yes, correct! This is fantastic!

[to herself] "Fantastic"?

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This is San Francisco. We have lost our New York signal. Radar sources confirm the explosion of nuclear devices there, in New York, and up and down the East Coast. Ladies and gentlemen, this is real. This is...

Emergency Broadcast System Announcer #1:
[interrupting with a high-pitched tone] We interrupt this program at the request of the White House. This is a national emergency. This is an Emergency Action Notification. I repeat, we interrupt this program at the request of the White House. Do not use your telephone. Telephone lines should be kept open for official use. Important instructions will follow.

Carol Wetherly:
[telephone rings] Hello? Tom? Hello?

Emergency Broadcast System Announcer #2:
Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States.

[the TV suddenly goes dark, a blinding flash appears outside the living room window, and air raid sirens begin to wail]

Brad Wetherly:

Mary Liz Wetherly:

Carol Wetherly:
Get away from that window!

Scottie Wetherly:

Carol Wetherly:
Get down on the floor. Get down!

Mary Liz Wetherly:
Was that Dad?

Brad Wetherly:
Is he in San Francisco?

Scottie Wetherly:
I'm scared!

Carol Wetherly:
I don't know. Put your heads down! Cover your eyes! Oh my God. My God.

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Victor Milson:
Millson to Floyd: It's been twelve hours since I made my request for information! I need a reply - all hell is breaking loose down here! I have enough problems without you pulling some kind of a stunt! I just hope there's an Earth for you to return to! Make that report I asked for and make it immediately!

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Sheriff Buelton:
They're gonna lose, General. They're goin' down in flames and you're gonna help me do it. I just got back from the governor's office, and I can have him call you or he can call your superior if that's the way you want it. But, either way, I'm gonna see some tanks rollin' out here to stop that maniac.

Maj. Gen. V.E. Hubik:
Go ahead, call anyone you like, sheriff. I don't take orders from governors. Sergeant Major Carey's resigned. Besides, he's committed no major crime in my jurisdiction.

Sheriff Buelton:
He stole a god damn tank!

Maj. Gen. V.E. Hubik:
It's his tank he can do what he wants with it! The most I've got him on is busting a twenty foot section of fence.

Sheriff Buelton:
General, I am the local civilian authority and I am hereby making a formal request of the military to do everything in its power to assist and aid me in apprehending known...

Maj. Gen. V.E. Hubik:
Posse Comitatus, sir.

Sheriff Buelton:
Did you call me a pussy communist?

Maj. Gen. V.E. Hubik:
The U.S. Army is, by an act of congress; Posse Comitatus act, specifically precluded from enforcing civilian law outside the military reservation.

Sheriff Buelton:
Pussy communist?

Maj. Gen. V.E. Hubik:
That means I do not have the authority to provide you with a single piece of military equipment or personnel without a direct order from my superior or the President of the United States. I can give you his address, if you'd like.

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Dr Harry Wolper:
Any news on that student assistant I want?

Mrs Pruitt:
Oh, yes. Mrs Gonzalez from the registrar's office called with regard to your request for another slave, and wanted me to remind you that she is still waiting to hear why exactly it is that you permitted Dennis Goffman to submit the Bible for his dissertation. Quote, "It will be a cold day in Hell before I subject another graduate student to the kind of zoo that - " and then she started speaking in Spanish.

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[Data approaches Picard to request advice on understanding women]

Capt. Picard:
When I have some, I'll let you know.

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Dr. Forrester:
The holiday season is here, the boss is on vacation, and we've gone crazy! Now I know from experience that nothing chafes a kid's hinder more than his request for a neat toy maligned into a neat and practical gift. Enter the Wish-Squisher.

TV's Frank:
Yeah, what you do is you take a really cool toy that any kid would dig like these uh, video cassette cartridge games. You take it, stick it through the Wish-Squisher... Voila!

Dr. Forrester:
and it comes out as annoying and practical as any gift from Aunt Vida. Check it out: underoos that won't fit for two years.

TV's Frank:
And what kid wouldn't love as a gift: more money than he or she will ever deserve. But then, suddenly, it starts to get weird. The rules change; you start to feel kind of bad. Voila.

Dr. Forrester:
Yes, what was once the bright promise for the future becomes... your 4-year-old sister's raisin collection.

TV's Frank:
And nothing - and I mean nothing - is more fun than racing slot-cars, just like this one, around the Christmas tree. But nooooo!

Dr. Forrester:
What was once your first-draft, grade-A choice from your parents as a gift becomes... socks.

TV's Frank:
Socks, that's right. Yes, what was once crummy, Speedwall, black and green, rayon-encrusted, uncomfortable socks becomes...!

Dr. Forrester:
Run it through again, Frank.

TV's Frank:
Okay, running it through... the Wish-Squisher... Well, it becomes!

Dr. Forrester:
Ah, a gift certificate for a stationery store.

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