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Adams, Henry [291] American writer and historian
Adams, John [464] American statesman, diplomat and political theorist. A leading champion of independence in 1776, he was the second President of the United States (17971801)
Adams, Michael [11] is a British Grandmaster (1989) of chess. His highest ranking is world number 4, achieved several times from October 2000 to October 2002
Adams, Samuel [137] American statesman, political philosopher, and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States.
Adams, John [6] 6th President of the United States
Adams, Brooks [2] American historian and philosopher, grandson of John Quincy Adams
Adams, Brayan [50] singer and composer
Adams, Charles Francis [9]
Adams, Victoria [14] Member of the Spice Girls: Posh Spice
Adams, Amy [101] American actress
Adams, Maude [19]
Adams, Douglas [628]
Adams, Edie [5] was an American singer, Broadway, television and film actress and comedienne.
Adams, Jack [42]
Adams, Cindy [14]
Adams, Joey Lauren [40] Her role as Alyssa Jones in 'Chasing Amy' (1997)
Adams, Don [27]
Adams, Ryan [87] is an American alt-country/rock singer-songwriter from Jacksonville, North Carolina. Initially part of the group Whiskeytown, Ryan Adams left the band to pursue a solo career, releasing Heartbreaker i
Adams, Samuel Hopkins [10] was an American writer, best known for his investigative journalism.
Adams, Phillip [29] Australian broadcaster, film producer, writer, social commentator, satirist and left-wing pundit.
Adams, William [19]
Adams, Sheryl [2]
Adams, Thomas [57]
Adams, Richard [36]
Adams, Mike [11]

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