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Many men are called "female logic" asexual stubbornness.More [06/01/2016 03:06:30]
Tolerance and intolerance - unlike twins.More [06/11/2016 10:06:43]
The life and death in the world - evil guns, God is also the life and death in one person.More [05/24/2016 09:05:08]
A good man should be in moderation.More [05/24/2016 11:05:49]
As mathematics is unthinkable without arithmetic - and love without friendship.More [06/05/2016 04:06:25]
If women do incapacitated, as in former times, the birth rate may well rise, but whether it will help the community (?), For healthy offspring need smart, happy, loving and beloved mother ...More [06/09/2016 09:06:53]
Love is a flower, but the flower age is never know.More [05/30/2016 08:05:44]
Talent is inexcusable - originality is punishable.More [06/15/2016 12:06:57]
Symmetry is the illusion of perfection.More [06/28/2016 07:06:45]
Paganism and superficially attractive, Christianity is deeply frightening.More [08/27/2016 02:08:22]
We all deserve better, just not all live with it.More [08/27/2016 02:08:24]
Each ordinary woman "lives" feminism, the only question is - how far it pushes man and society; woman, even self-sufficient, always seem to underestimate her.More [08/25/2016 08:08:20]
Do not call of in vain God, father, son, brother or friend.More [08/25/2016 08:08:10]
Stupid people have logical thinking is often replaced by imagination.More [08/21/2016 05:08:50]
Old age is not wisdom or weakness ... You realize that age, when you see how getting older all the things you love or loved.More [08/21/2016 04:08:31]
Perjury begins when man claims what he is not sure.More [08/20/2016 11:08:06]
Honest politicians peacefully coexist ... retired.More [08/17/2016 01:08:07]
A particle of the infinite is infinity.More [08/15/2016 11:08:47]
If women really were weak - men would not have to play on their weaknesses.More [08/13/2016 09:08:34]
Communism and socialism - the same "bait" by different names.More [08/12/2016 09:08:14]
There is a woman in a "pearl", and there is a woman, in which the "Raisin, sir!".More [08/09/2016 12:08:06]
There are people who live; there are those who cling to life; and there are still those for whom clings to life.More [07/27/2016 12:07:39]
Equality and fraternity is possible only in Paradise.More [07/23/2016 06:07:14]
Make yourself at home, but do not forget that you are in Russia.More [07/18/2016 09:07:27]
Rare person does not violate the rule, if he believe that he is not punished.More [07/15/2016 05:07:37]

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