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Mark Devolt

Mark Devolt

"Good friends are like rare fossils — you can dig a whole quarry of pedigreed stones, and only one of them will be precious."

© Mark DevoltMore Mark Devolt [05/20/2020 02:05:50]
"When we are not able to spiritually strive towards the stars, to be one of the subspecies of terrestrial animals, this is all that remains for us*.

© Mark DevoltMore Mark Devolt [05/25/2020 02:05:19]
"Fanatics are always dangerous because they claim to have a separate opinion of their own."More Mark Devolt [06/25/2020 05:06:37]
"The depth of the author's thought is always equal to the height of his ambitions."More Mark Devolt [06/22/2020 08:06:49]
"A man should strive to be the one whose name is bigger than his house."

© Mark DevoltMore Mark Devolt [06/03/2020 07:06:38]
"Modesty is the most unappreciated, high-quality tool-it is considered that it is lost among human passions, but when it is found, it can destroy any moral laws."

© Mark DevoltMore Mark Devolt [05/25/2020 03:05:49]
"God loves humble people, so he does not give them more good things in life than they need."More Mark Devolt [05/24/2020 06:05:09]
"The fact that we are not equal is probably the main illusion of any society."

© Mark DevoltMore Mark Devolt [05/24/2020 03:05:37]
"You can only impose your opinion on someone who doesn't have one of their own."More Mark Devolt [05/20/2020 02:05:44]
"Games are the entertainment that we play in our free time from the reality of life."More Mark Devolt [05/24/2020 03:05:21]
"What is not customary to talk about — but it is customary to constantly think about-is called a dream."

© Mark DevoltMore Mark Devolt [05/23/2020 04:05:31]
"Every truth has its own right to freedom."

© Mark DevoltMore Mark Devolt [05/23/2020 04:05:05]
"The first thing people who don't understand what is happening do is distort its meaning."

© Mark DEWALTMore Mark Devolt [05/13/2020 02:05:00]
"You will never meet a person in your life who is more dangerous to you than you are."More Mark Devolt [05/14/2020 03:05:54]
God's greatest joke is to give a person a choice and then ask for mercy.More Mark Devolt [05/14/2020 03:05:13]
"You will be loved by many — but not betrayed only by those who do not need anything from you except reciprocity."More Mark Devolt [05/14/2020 03:05:42]
"If your faith in God weighs more than a Golden cross around your neck, you will definitely have Paradise."

© Mark DevoltMore Mark Devolt [05/15/2020 03:05:52]
"Life is the greatest art, and only a few of us have a special gift for it."

© Mark DevoltMore Mark Devolt [05/15/2020 03:05:57]
"You begin to understand the psychology of a person not when you ask him questions, and get the expected answers from him — but precisely when he himself says what he thinks."

© Mark DevoltMore Mark Devolt [05/15/2020 03:05:46]
"If someone is spending their own time on you, be grateful for it."

© Mark DevoltMore Mark Devolt [05/16/2020 02:05:29]
"The true path of man is exactly that-during which he never once doubted his aspiration."

© Mark DevoltMore Mark Devolt [05/16/2020 02:05:20]
"Experience cannot be passed on, it can only be shared."More Mark Devolt [05/17/2020 02:05:47]
"Be careful, gentlemen — against the background of recent exciting events, sofa Analytics has become too harmful for your health, so do not abuse it."More Mark Devolt [05/17/2020 02:05:40]
"Choice is the most dangerous tool that man has ever possessed»More Mark Devolt [05/17/2020 02:05:32]
"Choice is the most dangerous tool that man has ever possessed»More Mark Devolt [05/17/2020 02:05:33]

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