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It was Heracles who became the true patriot of the Augean s, not the bulls that had littered them. More Author Unknown [06/27/2022 05:06:26]
Nothing is as fleeting as eternity. More Aleksandr Grachev [06/27/2022 04:06:40]
Friendly seagulls and hawks will peck. More Author Unknown [06/27/2022 04:06:22]
A fool will tie it up so that even a hundred smart ones will not untie it. More Author Unknown [06/27/2022 02:06:42]
And let even the French envy your courage! But it was these guys who once found out that snails are edible. More Author Unknown [06/19/2022 03:06:38]
Life is like drawing with a pencil, only the eraser is not included. More Author Unknown [06/19/2022 02:06:17]
If one door closes, another opens. Well, or you can open it yourself. That's how doors work. More Author Unknown [06/18/2022 07:06:17]
If you feel like no one cares about you, try skipping your monthly loan payment one day. More Author Unknown [06/18/2022 06:06:59]
If you can't live well, you can always start living happily! More Author Unknown [06/18/2022 04:06:37]
Know your worth and be in demand! More Author Unknown [06/18/2022 03:06:22]
People are divided into two categories: some have good taste, others have a good appetite. More Aleksandr Grachev [06/17/2022 07:06:27]
Before judging someone, walk a mile in their shoes. What's next? What's the difference! There's a kilometer between you, and you're wearing his shoes! More Author Unknown [06/17/2022 06:06:37]
You have a slimmer version of you in you. You're just strong enough to keep her in line. More Author Unknown [06/17/2022 05:06:37]
Life is a sexually transmitted disease. More Author Unknown [06/17/2022 04:06:39]
Sometimes life is like an exam you didn't prepare for. More Author Unknown [06/17/2022 03:06:16]
Always borrow money from pessimists. They still don't expect to get them back. More Author Unknown [06/17/2022 02:06:48]
Набиваться на расправу, добиваться своего. More Asov Arsen [06/16/2022 07:06:40]
If you meowed, but the food did not appear on the plate, then you are not a cat! More Author Unknown [06/15/2022 11:06:39]
Biden is not the one who has no mind, but the one who always lacks it. More Vladislav Bozhidai [06/13/2022 01:06:36]
When everyone around is to blame, you need to look for a mirror. More Author Unknown [06/12/2022 09:06:56]
If people stop believing in propaganda, then it's time to legalize marijuana. More Author Unknown [06/09/2022 02:06:46]
The one who does not share with anyone multiplies his fortune most successfully. More Author Unknown [06/09/2022 09:06:05]
Nobody watches over his own pockets so carefully as the person who has picked other's pockets more than once. More Eugene Ryabyi [06/09/2022 06:06:20]
Donald Trump understands China influence. He's been talking about it since 1980. He understands it. The people that are on the other side of this, including his opponent, Hillary Clinton, have been part of every bad trade negotiation we've had since 1993. More Peter Navarro [06/08/2022 10:06:54]
No one should be surprised just because somebody isn't successful 100 percent of the time. More Peter Navarro [06/08/2022 10:06:05]

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