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People simplify the past and complicate the present. More Author Unknown [09/04/2022 01:09:41]
Adulthood is when you recommend your doctors to each other. More Author Unknown [09/04/2022 12:09:21]
At some point, every man has to choose between making fun of astrology and having sex. More Unknown Author [09/02/2022 11:09:56]
The age of romanticism ended and the period of the Kamasutra began. More Author Unknown [09/01/2022 05:09:14]
How many sofas are broken thanks to the Kama Sutra! More Author Unknown [09/01/2022 01:09:24]
Words are the ashes left from burned thoughts. More Yuri Tatarkin [08/31/2022 10:08:26]
Dreams come true at market value. More Aleksandr Grachev [08/31/2022 12:08:33]
Tolerance is when you do not consider those who do not understand you exactly for the same reason. More Vladislav Bozhidai [08/29/2022 01:08:16]
If a woman loves you for real, then you have too violent a fantasy. More Author Unknown [08/29/2022 12:08:32]
Better appearance should be only character. More Vladislav Bozhidai [08/29/2022 12:08:05]
Paradox: love cannot be bought, but it can be sold. More Sergey Sidorov [08/27/2022 02:08:26]
A woman is like a cat. She understands everything, but does not follow commands. More Author Unknown [08/27/2022 09:08:10]
A woman is a weak, defenseless creature, from which there is no escape. More Author Unknown [08/27/2022 05:08:05]
The search for justice in the workplace usually ends up with looking up for new job. More Aleġandr Kargin [08/26/2022 11:08:39]
Ukraine celebrated Independence Day because nothing depends on it. More Andrejj Svobodin [08/25/2022 05:08:52]
The Balts have always been brave and skillful warriors - they even know how to fight with bronze soldiers. More Unknown Author [08/25/2022 09:08:43]
Destroying their history, destroying the country. More Galina Sukhovert [08/25/2022 09:08:31]
The strong fight the enemy face to face, the cowards and the bastards demolish and break the monuments. More Author Unknown [08/25/2022 06:08:05]
As soon as he took the first step out of the house, the road home begins. More Author Unknown [08/25/2022 05:08:09]
If today to feed all the hungry Africans, then in a year there will be one and a half times more. More Author Unknown [08/25/2022 01:08:05]
The reason for most divorces is that men think that the wife is in order to make their life better. But in fact, a wife is a thorny, winding path of her husband to perfection. More She Is Unknown [08/22/2022 09:08:50]
Hope is a saving sail on the fragile shuttle of being in a stormy sea of pessimism. More Yuri Tatarkin [08/21/2022 11:08:35]
Circle runners never hit corners. More Aleksandr Grachev [08/21/2022 11:08:56]
Retribution is the belief that good will prevail, and Justice is just a profession. More Nikolay Safronov [08/21/2022 11:08:26]
Disposable toilet paper is not a right, but a privilege. More Black Lightening [08/21/2022 11:08:25]

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Vasiliy Lukashik A woman usually looks at a man from head to toe, and he looks at her from toe to the head. [09/07/2022 10:09:29] More

Author Unknown Few people are happier than a cat who just stole a cutlet. [09/07/2022 12:09:24] More

Author Unknown A woman is able not only to bandage a wound, but also to inflict it. [09/19/2022 07:09:04] More

Unknown Author At some point, every man has to choose between making fun of astrology and having sex. [09/02/2022 11:09:56] More

Yuri Tatarkin Even when a woman seems to want nothing, she wants to want something. [09/08/2022 10:09:04] More