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Donald Trump is not a protectionist. If he imposes tariffs on China or any other country that cheats, all he wants to do is defend America against unfair trade practices. More Peter Navarro [06/08/2022 10:06:20]
When China got into the WTO, that allowed it to sell into any other country within the WTO - not just the United States - at the lowest tariffs that country offered. And the other countries could sell into China at the lowest tariffs that China offered. The problem, right off the bat, was that China had much higher tariffs than everywhere else, so the U.S. and Europe in particular got the short end of that stick. More Peter Navarro [06/08/2022 10:06:48]
When we run these big trade deficits and send our jobs offshore, we hold our wages down and our income down. That feeds right back into the biggest part of this whole equation, consumption. This drags GDP down as well. More Peter Navarro [06/08/2022 10:06:16]
Unfair trade practices drive up rents for younger people. They will drive up home prices for first-time home-buyers. So it's not just that we're losing jobs and factories. We're giving away our homes, our businesses, our companies, our technologies. More Peter Navarro [06/08/2022 10:06:43]
We're going right down the toilet, and it's a made-in-China toilet. I teach MBAs. And I noticed, starting a few years after China joined the World Trade Organization, that a lot of my students were no longer employed. They were still coming to get their MBA, but they'd lost their jobs. More Peter Navarro [06/08/2022 10:06:07]
China are running trade deficits with the rest of the world. If you look at the U.S. trade deficit, it's close to $800 billion trade in goods. Half of that is with China, so it's a big part of the problem. And the problem with China, as opposed to, say, Canada, is that China cheats. More Peter Navarro [06/08/2022 10:06:10]
From 1947 to 2001, the American economy grew annually at a rate of 3.5 percent. After China got into the World Trade Organization, got access to our markets and flooded our markets with its illegally subsidized exports, we grew at a rate of 1.8 percent from 2002 to 2015. That's almost cut in half. More Peter Navarro [06/08/2022 10:06:54]
In my movie, "Death By China," it shows Bill Clinton in 2000 promising that when China got into the World Trade Organization we would be making products here and selling them there, and life would be great. Just the opposite has happened. And here's why this has been so devastating - China went into the World Trade Organization and agreed to play by certain rules. Instead, it's violated these rules. For 15 years, it continues to illegally subsidize its exports. More Peter Navarro [06/08/2022 10:06:47]
The Donald Trump trade doctrine is this. America will trade with any country, so long as that deal meets these three criterion: You increase the GDP growth rate, you decrease the trade deficit, and you strengthen the manufacturing base. More Peter Navarro [06/08/2022 09:06:22]
As soon as one bad actor like China massively cheats, they win at the expense of us; they win at the expense of Europe and over time it threatens the entire integrity of the global financial system and the global trading system. More Peter Navarro [06/08/2022 09:06:21]
The defining moment in American economic history is when Bill Clinton lobbied to get China into the World Trade Organization. It was the worst political and economic mistake in American history in the last 100 years. China went into the World Trade Organization and agreed to play by certain rules. Instead, they are illegally subsidizing their exports, manipulating their currency, stealing all of our intellectual property, using sweatshops, using pollution havens. What happens is, our businesses and workers are playing that game with two hands tied behind their back. More Peter Navarro [06/08/2022 09:06:44]
The seeds of hate sprout with blood. More Vladislav Bozhidai [06/08/2022 11:06:20]
I've been a strong supporter of public financing my whole career. I'm the first guy to introduce a public financing bill to the United States Senate in 1973. More Joe Biden [06/08/2022 09:06:59]
It doesn't matter what a woman has done if there is a man who is ready to answer for it.! More Author Unknown [06/07/2022 01:06:45]
We live in a time when smart people are silenced so that stupid people are not offended. More Author Unknown [06/07/2022 01:06:45]
The longer you visit the fairy tale, the more painful the return home... More Vladislav Bozhidai [05/31/2022 02:05:33]
Whoever forgets history will be corrected by geography. More Author Unknown [05/13/2022 11:05:44]
An aggressor is someone who attacks a certain country without US permission. More Author Unknown [05/12/2022 11:05:25]
Not everything is true that public opinion is. More Author Unknown [05/10/2022 12:05:10]
Make no mistake that the universe loves you, it will eventually kill you anyway. More Vladislav Bozhidai [05/03/2022 11:05:15]
Every feeling has its own melody: amorousness is full of the nightingale trills, passion has the voice of the incoming waves of the agitated sea, and love warms with the soothing sounds of the crackling fire in the fireplace. More Eugene Ryabyi [05/02/2022 04:05:26]
If you don't fall asleep well because a bomber is flying over your house, just imagine that where it is flying, they don't sleep at all. More Mark Devolt [04/29/2022 10:04:35]
Nationalism, like ivy, wraps the genealogical tree of the nation in the destructive foliage in order to leave behind lifeless branches. More Eugene Ryabyi [04/25/2022 07:04:19]
If America is gone, we will miss it. More Yevgeny Satanovsky [04/15/2022 01:04:54]
True - she is like a woman: some like naked, while others - dressed up and embellished ... More Author Unknown [04/13/2022 11:04:20]

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