Movie: The Hunting Party [2007] Movie: The Hunting Party [2007]

Benjamin: [after being shot at by the waiter] We're gonna die. Every single person down here knows exactly what we're doing.
Simon: Keep your panties dry, Benjamin. It had nothing to do with the Fox.
Benjamin: What the hell do you mean? It's just a little local tradition to shoot at every customer?
Duck: [Simon pulls out some money] Wait a minute. Is that my money? You mean the money I left on the table, that's mine? Simon!
Simon: Times are tight. Things happen. Sue me.
Benjamin: Wait, wait, wait. You stole the money that was left for the bill?
Simon: I needed it more.
Benjamin: Okay, you got us shot at for twenty bucks!
Simon: I didn't know he was gonna *shoot* at us. Movie: The Hunting Party [2007] Movie: The Hunting Party [2007] quotes

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