Movie: Heavy Traffic [1973] Movie: Heavy Traffic [1973]

Moe: Hey, It's Michael Corleone! What's you doin' now?
[makes pigeon noises]
Moe: What's you doin' now?
Michael: Hey, crazy man! How come you're not down in your basement?
Moe: Well, I, I came to kill your pigeon, boy.
Michael: Ah, that's bullshit, Moe, you're probably peekin' down at the ladies.
Moe: Yeah! My peekin' days long shut down, Michael.
Moe: I ain't there no more. I just ain't there.
[plays his harmonica]
Michael: Ah, you're just a crazy nigger, Moe. Just a goddamn crazy nigger.
Moe: We's all niggers, boy! Ha ha! You an' me, just goddamn crazy niggers! We's all niggers boy. Most of us don't know it yet.
Michael: [passing a joint to Moe] Hey, listen, you want some of this shit?
Moe: Even your pigeon's a nigger! Ha ha ha ha ha! That's why I'm gonna kill him.
Michael: Moe, you ain't gonna do shit!
Moe: Moe: I just ain't there. Every - everybody plays like they there... but they ain't there. I ain't there. Your pigeon ain't there! He flies high like he there, but he don't fly 'less you open that cage. And he got to come back 'cause he's trained to! He ain't there. Movie: Heavy Traffic [1973] Movie: Heavy Traffic [1973] quotes

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