Movie: Saw III [2006] Movie: Saw III [2006]

Amanda: So?
Dr. Lynn Denlon: My twenty second analysis without any medical equipment is that his brain is herniating.
Amanda: [sarcastically] Oh.
Dr. Lynn Denlon: He needs to go to the hospital and have an operation to decompress his brain.
Amanda: [whispers] Come here. No, really, come here. Come here.
Dr. Lynn Denlon: No.
Amanda: [whispers] Let me ask you something.
[grabs Lynn by the hair]
Amanda: Did I bring John to you? Or did I bring your self-centered ass to him?
Amanda: Now you better start fucking paying attention. No one's going to any hospital.
[forcibly lets Lynn go]
Dr. Lynn Denlon: I can't perform miracles. You're giving him painkillers - for a tumor like this he needs steroids, prednisones.
Amanda: [sarcastically] Oh, good, yeah.
Amanda: Maybe we could try some corticosteroids, you know, like dexamethasone. Why don't you fucking tell me something that I don't know! Stupid cunt! Movie: Saw III [2006] Movie: Saw III [2006] quotes

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