Will Travel [2007] Movie: Have Dreams

Henderson: Do you, Ben...
Cassie: Benjamin Reynolds.
Henderson: Benjamin Reynolds, take this young woman...
Cassie: Cassie Kennington.
Henderson: [Henderson wipes eyes, takes off hat] Do both of you promise to treat each other with dignity and love until one or the other drops dead?
Cassie: I do.
[looks at Ben]
Ben: I do.
Henderson: [Henderson, Cassie, and Ben put their hands in the center and "break"] Well, looks like you're both married now.
Ben: [looks at Cassie, laughs nervously and grins] That's great.
[Henderson nods]
Cassie: [whispers] Oh, the ring.
[Ben gets a straightened paper clip and wraps it around her finger, then pats her hand]
Henderson: Congratulations to you both.
[gets up]
Cassie: Well, I feel good about this whole thing.
[to Henderson]
Cassie: How about you?
Henderson: [grins again] Yeah. I feel good about it.
[Cassie looks at Ben and their eyes meet]
Ben: [nervously] Uh, well, I don't have a lot to compare it to, but, uh, yeah...
Ben: I feel good.
Henderson: Oh and if you wanna kiss the bride, you can do that now, 'cause I forgot to say it. Will Travel [2007] Movie: Have Dreams quotes

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