Movie: The Four Seasons [1981] Movie: The Four Seasons [1981]

Jack: Why do you think we love this boat so much?
Kate Burroughs: I don't know.
Jack: You know why?
Kate Burroughs: I knew it. He only asked us so that he could tell us his theory. Go ahead, sweetheart. Tell us why we love this boat so much.
Jack: Because it represents our primeval desire to control water. See? Now, think about it. All our beginnings are wet. Sloshing around in the womb. Baptism. The first life that came out of the warm soup of the ocean. You know?
Danny: [no interest] Mhmmm...
Kate Burroughs: Jack loves ideas. And he can do so much with them. I have seen him take one idea at a dinner party and bring the entire conversation to a complete halt.
Claudia Zimmer: [Nick comes out with clam dish] I love these! I have this insatiable desire to have dominance over the clams.
Jack: It so happens that Venus rose from the sea on a clam shell. Sexuality was born in wetness.
Claudia Zimmer: [laughing] It's easier that way!
Jack: Jeez.
Danny: I love that woman. Movie: The Four Seasons [1981] Movie: The Four Seasons [1981] quotes

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