Movie: Finian's Rainbow [1968] Movie: Finian's Rainbow [1968]

Finian McLonergan: How are things in Glocca Morra?
Og: Oh, alas, alack, and willy-wally! I weep for Ireland.
Finian McLonergan: Why, what's happened?
Og: A blight has fallen over Ireland!
Finian McLonergan: The British are back?
Og: Never have I seen such a curse befall a folk in all me four hundrend and fifty... nine years! Poor Ireland!
Finian McLonergan: Poor Ireland!
Og: Suffering Ireland! The native land!
Finian McLonergan: Me native land! A fine lot of faery folk you are! You and your associates letting all this happen! Why don't you wish it away?
Og: We've lost the power!
Finian McLonergan: You've lost the power to make wishes? What has Ireland to live for now! Answer me that!
Finian McLonergan: Who's the author of this foul outrage?
Og: A monster, McLonnergan!
Finian McLonergan: A monster? You mean the old flame-breathing type with the head of a dragon?
Og: Oh, no, this is a tiny wee monster, about... your size.
Finian McLonergan: Lead me to him! Who is this monster?
Og: You'll excuse me for pointing, Mr. McLonnergan... but it's you. Movie: Finian's Rainbow [1968] Movie: Finian's Rainbow [1968] quotes

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