Movie: Saw II [2005] Movie: Saw II [2005]

Addison: [Xavier is repeatedly whacking a door with a baseball bat with nails on it - it isn't working, everyone's watching]
Addison: Well we've established that the macho bullshit approach isn't opening the door. Any other suggestions?
Xavier: [turns round to Addison] Look who's talking, the only door you know how to open is between ya' legs!
Addison: [lunges towards Xavier in anger] Why don't you shut the hell up all right!
Xavier: [shouting] Why don't you shut the hell up?
Addison: [she lunges towards him and they begin fighting] I'm sick of your bullshit. You'd best bend over before I land one on the back of your cheek, asshole.
[they begin to fight more, but Jonas steps in and grabs Addison]
Addison: Get the fuck off me! Movie: Saw II [2005] Movie: Saw II [2005] quotes

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