Movie: Under the Cherry Moon [1986] Movie: Under the Cherry Moon [1986]

Christopher Tracy: [writing something on a napkin] It's obvious that little Miss Mary has never been off the city block.
[holds up napkin, which has "Wrecka Stow" written on it]
Mary: What is that? Some new language?
Christopher Tracy: Read it. Do you know what it is?
Mary: It's nothing, you ninny. And you know it, but you won't confess it because you're such a coward.
Christopher Tracy: It is something, something you don't know, and you won't confess that because *you're* a coward!
Mary: This is silly, and you're a child!
Christopher Tracy: [taunting Mary] I go to dinner without my father's permission. Now, read it aloud so we can all hear how knowledgeable you are!
Mary: Wrecka stow.
Christopher Tracy: [laughs at Mary's pronounciation] Do you know what it is?
Mary: Wrecka stow, wrecka stow, it's nothing!
Christopher Tracy: [laughing] It is something. Come on, say it again louder.
Mary: Wrecka stow.
Christopher Tracy: Louder!
Mary: Wrecka stow! I give up. What is it?
Christopher Tracy: If you wanted to buy a Sam Cook a'blum, where would you go?
Mary: [rolls her eyes] The wrecka stow. Movie: Under the Cherry Moon [1986] Movie: Under the Cherry Moon [1986] quotes

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