Movie: The Village [2004] Movie: The Village [2004]

Ivy Walker: Noah Percy! Stop your fussing right this moment.
Ivy Walker: you're in trouble, you know. I'm to place you in the quiet room.
Noah Percy: Um, I'll cry quarts.
Ivy Walker: What if we strike a deal?
Noah Percy: Yeah, capital idea!
Ivy Walker: It would be prudent to keep our deal a secret. Can you do that?
Noah Percy: Can I keep a secret? Like a chuch mouse.
Ivy Walker: You needn't go into the quiet room if you take an oath to never strike any person again.
Noah Percy: No hitting, no hitting.
Ivy Walker: No, no hitting.
Noah Percy: No hitting.
Ivy Walker: No hitting.
[They shake hands. Ivy points to her cheek. Noah kisses it]
Ivy Walker: The deal is struck Movie: The Village [2004] Movie: The Village [2004] quotes

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