Movie: Igby Goes Down [2002] Movie: Igby Goes Down [2002]

Igby: Are you a vegetarian?
Sookie: Why would you ask that?
Igby: I've just never seen anybody roll a joint like that.
Sookie: What does that have to do with being a vegetarian?
Igby: Oh, they're just so precious.
Sookie: I roll perfect joints.
Igby: I'm not putting them down, they're incredible.
Sookie: Well, thank you.
Igby: It's incredible that a human being can make such neat, little joints.
Sookie: You make it sound as if I'm anal or something, just because I know how to roll a perfect joint.
Igby: No, not anal. Vegetarian.
Sookie: Well, what does that mean?
Igby: Well, you don't roll like, big rasta spliff joints, do you? Your joints are like salad joints, not like a big, sloppy, bleeding cheeseburger-that-you-rip-into-kind-of-a-joint joint.
Sookie: I guess marijuana isn't a visceral experience for me. Sex is for me.
Igby: Right.
Sookie: Ok, so I am a vegetarian, but for purely moral reasons. Movie: Igby Goes Down [2002] Movie: Igby Goes Down [2002] quotes

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