Movie: Click [2006] Movie: Click [2006]

Janine: [after Donna kisses Michael] Oh, my God. I want that so bad. A husband that I can kiss and love and give juice too.
Michael Newman: You've already cheated on three different husbands with their brothers. I think you've given enough juice to everybody. Love juice.
Janine: You know way too much about me. I should've never done that Montel Williams show.
Michael Newman: Even Montel Williams thinks you're crazy and he's seen a lot of shit.
Janine: I was desperate for companionship! All of my husbands... All of them have emotionally abandoned me.
Michael Newman: They went to work. You had sex with their unemployed brothers. You're a horndog. Movie: Click [2006] Movie: Click [2006] quotes

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