Movie: Scary Movie 4 [2006] Movie: Scary Movie 4 [2006]

Brenda: [having a nightmare] Lil' Kim- Lil'Kim got my sandwich. Look out- Russsell Crowe's got a phone! R.Kelly, don't pee on me! MY LOVELY LADY LUMPS! Where are we?
Cindy Campbell: I'm not sure, but I think were close. It's supposed to be near mile 62.
Brenda: Is something wrong?
Cindy Campbell: No, it's just... I met this guy, and I wonder if he's safe. Oh, you'd love him, Brenda.
Brenda: What's his name? I might've already loved him.
Cindy Campbell: Tom Ryan.
Brenda: Yeah, did him. Big, fat Chinese guy?
Cindy Campbell: No... No.
Cindy Campbell: But he is the kind of guy I'd like to share the rest of my life with. Movie: Scary Movie 4 [2006] Movie: Scary Movie 4 [2006] quotes

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