Movie: Xanadu [1980] Movie: Xanadu [1980]

Kira: Look up "muse" in the dictionary. Go on, page seven twenty-eight. Read it!
Sonny: Okay, all right. I'll read it.
Sonny: "Muse; any one of the nine sister..."
Kira: Like the album cover? Mm-hmm?
Sonny: [reading] "Any one of the nine sister goddesses in Greek mythology, presiding over song, and poetry, and the arts and do you believe me now, Sonny?" How'd you do that? What's going on?
Kira: [Points at the TV] The television!
[the television comes on and is showing a movie in black and white with two characters, Nick and Vargas, having a conversation when Nick pulls a gun]
Nick: What should I do, Sonny? Dive at him, um, or make a martini?
Vargas: Who you talking to?
Nick: Sonny Malone. He doesn't believe Kira's a muse.
Sonny: How can you be talking to me? You're a movie!
Vargas: I ain't got time for this, Malone. Brenda's the only one that saw me at the racetrack. Now if the lady says she's a muse, she's a muse.
[Brenda Trent enters, played by Kira, who is still also outside of the television screen]
Vargas: Who's that? Brenda!
Sonny: Kira!
Brenda Trent: Sonny.
[Sonny slumps into a chair]
Nick: I think he needs a drink.
Kira: It's okay; I'll take care of it. Thanks!
Nick: Good luck on the opening of your joint, kid.
[Puts his hands up]
Nick: Wish I could be there. Movie: Xanadu [1980] Movie: Xanadu [1980] quotes

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