Movie: Chocolat [2000] Movie: Chocolat [2000]

Vianne Rocher: Would you like to buy something special for your lady friend?
Guillaume Blerot: My lady friend?
Vianne Rocher: Yes, the woman your dog was fond of.
Guillaume Blerot: Oh, I mustn't. Mme Audel is in mourning for her husband.
Vianne Rocher: Oh. I'm sorry. When did he die?
Guillaume Blerot: The war. A German grenade.
Vianne Rocher: Well, it's been 15 years since the war.
Guillaume Blerot: Not that war. M Audel was killed on the 12th January 1917. It was quite a blow to Mme Audel.
Vianne Rocher: Apparently so. Movie: Chocolat [2000] Movie: Chocolat [2000] quotes

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