Cartoons; Finding Nemo [2003] Cartoons; Finding Nemo [2003]

School of Fish: Hey, hey! You like impressions?
Dory: Mmm-hmm.
School of Fish: Okay, just like in rehearsal, gentlemen.
[School takes form of swordfish]
School of Fish: So, what are we? Take a guess.
Dory: Oh, oh, I've seen one of those.
School of Fish: I'm a fish with a nose like a *sword*.
Dory: Wait, wait, umm...
Marlin: It's a swordfish!
School of Fish: Hey, clown boy! Let the lady guess.
[Takes form of lobster]
School of Fish: Where's the butter?
Dory: Ooh! It's on the tip of my tongue...
Marlin: [Coughing] Lobster!
School of Fish: Saw that.
Marlin: What?
School of Fish: [Takes form of octopus] Lots of legs, swims in the ocean.
Dory: Clam!
School of Fish: Close enough.
[Takes form of pirate ship]
School of Fish: Oh, it's a whale of a tale, I'll tell you, lad...
Dory: Oh, they're good. Cartoons; Finding Nemo [2003] Cartoons; Finding Nemo [2003] quotes

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