Movie: Argo [2004] Movie: Argo [2004]

Milkman: [on phone] Whatever you say. It's not me who's handling these kind of things. You know, there is a war criminal sitting at the top of Ardennes mountains, who is so incredible wealthy that he won his court case in Nuremberg. If you play around any more he'll send you some of his Albanian friends for the one thousand per cent of that money. For a little tip they will hang you up inside out on top of your mother's chimney.
Tyson: You won't fuck with us. Neither you, nor anybody else. We know about the treasure, scumbag. We are professionals, you cocksucker. You have to give us fucking respect. Where is your guy you sent? Have you already buried him? Fuck off! Movie: Argo [2004] Movie: Argo [2004] quotes

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