Movie: The Aviator [2004] Movie: The Aviator [2004]

Glenn Odekirk: We installed the 450 radial, but the struts won't take the vibration. Minute we go contact, the struts start craking at the attach points.
Howard Hughes: Dammit, Odie, if the 450's too big, figure something else out!
Glenn Odekirk: We've done everything - we've rebuilt her from top to bottom. If we drain the fuel tank for a couple of runs she might make 180 mph.
Howard Hughes: I want minimum 200.
Glenn Odekirk: Yeah, well, I want a date with Theda Bara, but that ain't gonna happen either.
Howard Hughes: Don't be so sure... OK, OK, OK, this is a simple engineering problem. We just gotta think it out.
Howard Hughes: So if the struts won't sustain the engine we need - then we gotta get rid of them.
Glenn Odekirk: Then the top wing falls off.
Howard Hughes: Then let it.
Glenn Odekirk: What?
Howard Hughes: Who says we need a top wing?
Howard Hughes: Who says we need *anything*?
[Glenn is warming up to Hughes' idea]
Glenn Odekirk: A monoplane...
Howard Hughes: A cantilevered monoplane. They're doing it in France. To the hell with the top wing and the struts...
Glenn Odekirk: 550 Whitney Wasp engine...
Howard Hughes: 100 octane fuel will give us a top horsepower of - what?
Glenn Odekirk: Seven hundred.
Howard Hughes: Squeeze it to a thousand and we got the fastest plane ever built.
Glenn Odekirk: You know, I just gotta say... we've already spent over $200,000 rebuilding this plane.
Howard Hughes: To the hell with it.
Howard Hughes: Tear it up, Odie.
[Glenn takes a sledgehammer and annihilates the struts on the top wing; the top wing falls off] Movie: The Aviator [2004] Movie: The Aviator [2004] quotes

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