Movie: Gypsy 83 [2001] Movie: Gypsy 83 [2001]

Clive: Sex just seems so... messy.
Gypsy: Oh, no, no. Sex can be awesome. Not that I would remember, but...
Clive: Maybe you and I should try.
Gypsy: Yeah, well, I think I'm past my wayward-sex fag-hag test-fuck phase... but thanks for the offer. It's just "been there, done that."
Clive: At least I'd know for sure.
Gypsy: Honey, you're a queer, with a capital "Q."
Clive: Ok, you know what? Some of us don't care to be defined by our sexuality.
Gypsy: Ok, sorry. Can I ask you a question?
Clive: What?
Gypsy: Are you gay?
Clive: Yes! But I don't have anything in common with those people. I mean, like I give a rat's ass about Judy Garland or... Stonewall!
[Gypsy laughs]
Clive: Being queer is a very small part of me.
Gypsy: Yeah, whatever. Movie: Gypsy 83 [2001] Movie: Gypsy 83 [2001] quotes

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