Movie: Mona Lisa Smile [2003] Movie: Mona Lisa Smile [2003]

Katherine Watson:
Slide. Contemporary art.

Connie Baker:
Now that's just an advertisement.

Katherine Watson:
Quiet! Today you just listen. What will the future scholars see when they study us? A portrait of woman today? There you are ladies. The perfect likeness of a Welesley graduate, Magna Cum Laude doing exactly what she was trained to do. Slide. A Rhodes scholar. I wonder is she recited Chaucer while she presses her husband's shirts. Slide. Heh, now you physics major's can calculate the mass and volume of every meat loaf you ever make. Slide. A girdle to set you free! What does that mean?... What does that mean?... What does it mean? I give up. You win. The smartest women in the country... I didn't realize that by demanding excellence I would be challenging... what did it say?

[walks over to student's desk and picks up newspaper]

Katherine Watson:
what did it say? um... the roles you were born to fill

[looks up at Betty]

Katherine Watson:
is that right? the roles you were born to fill?... It's uh it's my mistake.

[drops paper and walks out of classroom]

Katherine Watson:
Class dismissed.

Movie: Mona Lisa Smile [2003] Movie: Mona Lisa Smile [2003] quotes

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