Movie: The Royal Tenenbaums [2001] Movie: The Royal Tenenbaums [2001]

[about Margot's play]

Young Chas Tenenbaum:
What'd you think, Dad?

Didn't seem believable to me.

[to Eli]

Why are you wearing pajamas? Do you live here?

Young Richie Tenenbaum:
He has permission to sleep over.

Young Chas Tenenbaum:
Well, did you at least think the characters were well developed?

What characters? There's a bunch of little kids dressed up in animal costumes.

Young Margot Tenenbaum:
Good night, everyone.

Well, sweetie, don't get mad at me. That's just one man's opinion.

Movie: The Royal Tenenbaums [2001] Movie: The Royal Tenenbaums [2001] quotes

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