Movie: "Celebrity Deathmatch" [1998] Movie: "Celebrity Deathmatch" [1998]

[Axl Rose pulls out a sharp object from under his kilt]

Johnny Gomez:
Nick, what the hell is this psycho doing?

[Celtic music played in background]

Nick Diamond:
Ancient Scottish soldiers wearing kilts such as Axl's always carried a dagger strapped to their ankle. Tradition has it that once a soldier removes it from its scabbard, he can't put it back without drawing blood... even if it's his own.

Johnny Gomez:
It's scissors, Nick.

[Celtic music abruptly stops]

Nick Diamond:
Oh... uh, that must be a different tradition.

Movie: "Celebrity Deathmatch" [1998] Movie: "Celebrity Deathmatch" [1998] quotes

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