Movie: Tomb Raider II [1997] Movie: Tomb Raider II [1997]

Somehow, you don't behave like you've got a monk's blood.

Lara Croft:
I understand that "somehow" is in my favour, so indulge me about the dagger, I'd be indebted with your life.

These doors are waiting for the right one, the right time to arrive, and then the dagger's blade will honour the hearts of those who believe.

[takes out a bottle of poison and opens the cap]

So unless you pledge your loyalty as well...

Lara Croft:
And which one is that?

To the sins and fortunes of Marco Bartoli!

[swallows the poison, and dies instantly]

Lara Croft:
Perhaps not just yet, then.

[Lara searches on the laptop about Bartoli]

Lara Croft:
Aha,Giovanni Bartoli, vehicle of early venice.

[Lara walks off as there's a small music track]

Movie: Tomb Raider II [1997] Movie: Tomb Raider II [1997] quotes

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