Movie: Troops [1998] Movie: Troops [1998]

Captain Jyanix Bach:
We got a, uh, routine stop here. We have a report of some stolen droids and, uh, we think these might be it.

[dismounts from his Speeder Bike and walks towards a couple of Jawas.]

Captain Jyanix Bach:
Excuse me. Excuse me. Uh, do you wanna come over here, please? Yeah, I'm talkin' to you.

[one Jawa approaches Capt. Bach. as the other puts down a small droid.]

Captain Jyanix Bach:
Uh, whose droid is this?

[Jawa answers in indistinct language.]

Captain Jyanix Bach:
Uh-huh, it's your cousin's. Is this your cousin? Is this your cousin? Are you his cousin?

[the second Jawa replies in his language.]

Captain Jyanix Bach:
No? Okay, then who are ya?

[Jawa replies]

Captain Jyanix Bach:
Ah, you're his friend. Well, Mr. Friend, would you, uh, step over here for a moment, please?

[turns back to the first Jawa.]

Captain Jyanix Bach:
Okay, so the, uh, droid belongs to your cousin. Now, if I go over to that Sandcrawler over there, and ask to see your cousin, is he gonna have a bill of sale for this?

[Jawa tries to answer]

Captain Jyanix Bach:
Okay. Well, what I'm gonna do now, sir, is place you under Imperial arrest, so we can only help.

[the second Jawa attempts to approach Capt. Bach, who points his blaster at him]

Captain Jyanix Bach:
Hey! Am I talking to you? Am I talking to you?

[Jawa shakes head]

Captain Jyanix Bach:
Then stay over there, and shut your mouth. Now if you move again, I'm, uh, gonna shoot ya.

[the first Jawa talks]

Captain Jyanix Bach:
No. Yeah, I understand. I got a wife and kids too, but you don't see me out here stealing Imperial droids now, do ya? Yeah, sure, you'll never do it again.

[the second Jawa attempts to run away.]

Trooper HK-888:
He's makin' a run for it!

[HK-888 aims and fires, blowing the Jawa's head off. Meanwhile, the first Jawa also makes a run for it]

Trooper HK-883:
There goes the other one!

Captain Jyanix Bach:
I got him!

[aims and shoots Jawa]

Captain Jyanix Bach:

[points blaster towards camera]

Captain Jyanix Bach:
Uh, shut the camera off. Yeah, shut it off! Shut it off!

Movie: Troops [1998] Movie: Troops [1998] quotes

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