Movie: Star Trek: Borg [1996] Movie: Star Trek: Borg [1996]

So, now that you've seen your father die, are you ready to avenge his death? Or perhaps you'd like to try something different, how about the chance to *prevent* his death? Lieutenant Sprint was killed four hours before the Borg ever got to Wolf-359, but if the good Dr. Quint had been able to save Sprint four hours before... then Sprint would've been able to save the Rightious and you would've grown up in the loving company of your father, and all for the want of a horseshoe nail. What's say we give the old goat a second chance to save Sprint's life? You're not afraid of a little space-time continuum meddling are you Cadet? No, I thought not. Shall we?

[snaps fingers]

Movie: Star Trek: Borg [1996] Movie: Star Trek: Borg [1996] quotes

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