Movie: King Ralph [1991] Movie: King Ralph [1991]

Lord Percival Graves:
[after Ralph accuses him of undermining him] This is an OUTRAGE! A VILE piece af slander! I demand to know the source of these allegations!

Ralph Jones:
We have the signed confession of a royal page, Gordon Halliwell, who worked with Lord Graves.

Lord Percival Graves:
I know no such man!

Ralph Jones:
And several cheques made out to the photographers who took the pictures, signed by Lord Graves. Whose fingerprints were also on the photographs.

Lord Percival Graves:
So! I saw them at the ball!

Ralph Jones:
And Scotland Yard found the negatives at his house this morning.

Lord Percival Graves:
[realizes he's been caught] By what right can you order my arrest!

Ralph Jones:
By the Treason Act of 1702 forbidding interference in the proper succesion of a monarch. Enacted by...

[pause, as he recites the Order of the Kings poem to himself]

Ralph Jones:
William III!

various Members of Parliament:
[staggered throughout Parliament as Lord Graves is escorted out by Scotland Yard] SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!

That's right! String him up! Wanker!

Movie: King Ralph [1991] Movie: King Ralph [1991] quotes

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