Movie: Survival Quest [1989] Movie: Survival Quest [1989]

Look Gray, I know we've had problems. You resent me, think I'm an authority figure with a system, here to push you around. You're wrong. You're dead wrong. I'm a lot like you, buddy. I had no family, I had no brothers or sisters, I had nobody. Been pushed from foster home to foster home. Then when I was 12 I got a foster parent, and I called him 'Dad.' Because he showed me all this.

I had a few dads who just wanted to show me a belt.

Yeah, I had a couple of those meatheads too. But this guy put me in the Boy Scouts. Before then I didn't have a shirt or a pair of pants that didn't have a tear in it.


Now here I am in my own fucking Boy Scout uniform! Yeah. He died when I was 16, and I never got a chance to thank him. You believe that? I'm no authority figure. I mean, I may risk my ass to help you out, I've never told you what to do. It's not like in the city. There's no low man on the totem pole out here. So what are we gonna do, Gray? Spend the rest of our lives mad, bad and sad?

Movie: Survival Quest [1989] Movie: Survival Quest [1989] quotes

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