Movie: Penn & Teller Get Killed [1989] Movie: Penn & Teller Get Killed [1989]

[after Penn gets shot]

Woman in Parking Lot:
In the shoulder, huh? Well, at that range you were lucky.

No! I just got shot, that's not lucky. Lucky is winning the lottery.

Woman in Parking Lot:
Hey, aren't you that guy who goes on TV and asks people to kill him?

I didn't ask people to kill me, I said I wished someone were trying to kill me.

Woman in Parking Lot:
You said that on national TV? There's a lot of nuts out there! You're lucky I don't have a gun or I'd blow your fucking brains out.

Yeah, I'm the luckiest guy in the world. Mr. Lucky just got shot in the arm!

Movie: Penn & Teller Get Killed [1989] Movie: Penn & Teller Get Killed [1989] quotes

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