Movie: Moon Over Parador [1988] Movie: Moon Over Parador [1988]

Jack Noah:
[after being asked to be the dead dictator's imposter] Why couldn't you get Bobby DeNiro or Dustin Hoffman?

Roberto Strausmann:
Not available! I would have given my right arm to work with Bobby DeNiro and Dustin Hoffman!

Jack Noah:
[under his breath] They always say that about DeNiro and Hoffman.

Jack Noah:
[comes out later dressed as Simms] Roberto! What happened? I must have fallen asleep in the meat locker.

Roberto Strausmann:
[mouth agape at his resemblence to Simms] Bravo!

Jack Noah:
[sticks out his tongue] On Bobby DeNiro!

Movie: Moon Over Parador [1988] Movie: Moon Over Parador [1988] quotes

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