Eugeny Antonuk

Eugeny Antonuk

The "nonexistent page" is all possible, because "no" and there is no court. If for da Vinci and Rousseau everything that is inadmissible is understood by the pettiness of the imaginary argument ad hominem, then for insecurity the insult is only unprinted. /court/ Eugeny Antonuk quotes

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Eugene Ryabyi Your person is always in your heart, even if the meeting lasted for a few moments. [11/15/2020 05:11:00] More

Eugene Ryabyi Loneliness is a state of soul of a person who is unable to love and be loved. [11/02/2020 07:11:15] More

Eugene Ryabyi True love lives where the person of your dreams is. [11/17/2020 08:11:02] More

Eugene Ryabyi To die in the name of love is easy, but it is difficult to carry its fire through whole life. [10/24/2020 04:10:39] More

Eugene Ryabyi To keep oneself in the angelic shape is hellish labor. [11/17/2020 09:11:17] More