Movie: "Airwolf" [1984] Movie: "Airwolf" [1984]

Le Van 'Half-Pint' Hawke:
I was so scared for you.

Stringfellow Hawke:
They were no match for the Lady.

Michael Archangel:
Come 'on Marlene; there must be something out here that desperately needs our attention.

Stringfellow Hawke:
You know Half-Pint, How about coming and living with me? I'll make you part of the family, like Caitlan and Dom.

Le Van 'Half-Pint' Hawke:
But what if your brother comes back, and it turns out he's not my dad?

Stringfellow Hawke:
I'll be your dad.

Movie: "Airwolf" [1984] Movie: "Airwolf" [1984] quotes

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