Movie: "Only Fools and Horses" [1981] Movie: "Only Fools and Horses" [1981]

Uncle Albert:
During the 1939-1945 conflict with Germany - I was sailing on a frigate, HMS Sphinx, in the Adriatic. Now in those days a ship's crew was full of stress and fear.

Del Boy:
Especially when they saw you walking up the gangplank!

Uncle Albert:
So our old skipper, Captain Kenworthy, used to allay all those fears by creating a counter-worry. Like one day he announced there was a cholera epidemic on the ship.

Del Boy:
I bet that cheered you all up, didn't it?

Uncle Albert:
It took their minds off the U-boats and sharks.

Del Boy:
Well, thanks for that, Unc. It's lucky your Captain Kenworthy never became a Samaritan. You wouldn't be able to get a tug under Chelsea Bridge for falling bodies!

Movie: "Only Fools and Horses" [1981] Movie: "Only Fools and Horses" [1981] quotes

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