Spy" [197 Movie: "Tinker

Oliver Lacon:
You know, George, one thing perplexes me more than anything else about the mole conspiracy: well, Karla conceived Operation Witchcraft primarily as a means of placing poor Percy Alleline on Control's throne. But why didn't Karla want Haydon to simply take over the Circus himself. Well, surely it would have been much easier to arrange, with all of Bill's acknowledged accomplishments.

[cut to Haydon and Smiley walking the grounds of the detention camp]

Bill Haydon:
No, no. It was a perfect setup: Percy made the running, I slipstreamed behind him, Roy and Toby did the legwork. Being in charge would have bogged me down. All the admin, the dinners in Whitehall, hobnobbing with the Set...

George Smiley:
Never happened to Control.

Bill Haydon:
A natural recluse, Control. I couldn't have behaved that way and gotten away with it. Much better for me to remain the freewheeling subordinate, the laughing cavalier. No, no, George, Karla and I agreed: I'd have been wasted as Chief. Could have done it, of course.

George Smiley:
Of course.

Spy" [197 Movie: "Tinker quotes

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