Movie: Rocky II [1979] Movie: Rocky II [1979]

[At the wedding of Rocky and Adrian]

Father Carmine:
[speaking in Latin] Rocky Balboa, do you take Adrian Ponino to be your lawfully wedded wife?

Rocky Balboa:
Yeah. Absolutely. Yes.

Father Carmine:
[Latin] Adrian Ponino, do you take Rocky Balboa to be your lawfully wedded husband?

I do.

Rocky Balboa:

Father Carmine:
[Latin] Then by the powers vested in me by the State of Pennsylvania, I now prononce you man & wife.

Father Carmine:
[in English] You may kiss the bride now.

Rocky Balboa:
I gotta take this off.

[Rocky draws Adrian's veil back; kisses her]

Father Carmine:
Go in peace and God bless you.

Rocky Balboa:
Thanks, Father. You done real good. I'm proud of you. Okay. Things are gonna be great.

Movie: Rocky II [1979] Movie: Rocky II [1979] quotes

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