Movie: Thank God It's Friday [1978] Movie: Thank God It's Friday [1978]

Nicole Sims:
Look it, you got your chance. Give me mine. Let me sing.

Bobby Speed:
Are you...!

Nicole Sims:
Just listen to my demo. Don't you remember when you first started? Well everybody got to start somewhere. Why not here?

Bobby Speed:
You honest, lady, don't you understand? This is going on live. There are millions of people listening to my golden tones. I ain't gonna blow it! This ain't amateur night!

Nicole Sims:
Listen, Mr. Big Shot DJ, I ain't no amateur! I've paid my dues. All I'm asking for is a chance.

Bobby Speed:
Lady, please! Hey Bear!

Nicole Sims:
Alright, alright, I'll go, but my mind's made up, and when it's made up, it stays made up!

Movie: Thank God It's Friday [1978] Movie: Thank God It's Friday [1978] quotes

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