Movie: "Second City TV" [1976] Movie: "Second City TV" [1976]

Station Manager Harold Ramis:
This is Harold Ramis speaking for the management of Second City Television. SCTV recognizes its responsibility to the community, and condemns the excessive use of explicit sexual material in television today. We do, however, love violence, so parental discretion _is_ advised in viewing the following program. Viewers will note, however, that the attitudes and opinions reflected in this program do not reflect the views of the management of this station, the producers of this program, the writers, the actors, or indeed, anyone in the audience. So if you're thinking of suing or phoning in complaints, don't bother. This program is produced in Argentina and then dubbed into English. Besides, if you're all that sensitive, you just don't have to watch the program! I mean you've got arms, why don't you get up and change the channel? See who's on Merv Griffin, that's about your speed, isn't it? Nothing offensive about old Merv! Take your parental disc...

[Ramis is pulled off the screen by a giant hook]

Movie: "Second City TV" [1976] Movie: "Second City TV" [1976] quotes

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