Movie: The Shootist [1976] Movie: The Shootist [1976]

Carson City Marshal Walter Thibido:
Books, I want you out of town. These are law-abiding people here and I don't want any trouble. I can deputize as many men as I need to see that you leave.

John Bernard Books:
I'm not going anywhere, Marshal. I'm dying and I intend to die right here.

Carson City Marshal Walter Thibido:
Really? You're really dyin'?

John Bernard Books:
Ask Doc Hostetler.

Carson City Marshal Walter Thibido:
Hot damn! You know, Books, that's the best news I've had all day. While I was walking over here I was thinking, what if Books decides to kill me? Who will take over as marshal? Will the town council pay my pension to my wife? Damn, that's good news.

Movie: The Shootist [1976] Movie: The Shootist [1976] quotes

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