Movie: "Saturday Night Live" [1975] Movie: "Saturday Night Live" [1975]

Regis Philbin:
We went to this little restuarant on the upper east side call Aboo Dabby which you know in Italian means...

Kathy Lee Gifford:
[makes hand motions] "Affection".

Regis Philbin:
No, no, it's actually "abundance".

Kathy Lee Gifford:
Oh, ok. "Abundance".

[makes another hand motion]

Regis Philbin:
And there was so much food, that at one point Gail looked at me and said, "You expect me to eat all this?"

Kathy Lee Gifford:
[starts jumping up and down in the seat] Oh. Oh, what did Gail say? What did Gail say?

Regis Philbin:
I, I just told you what Gail said.

Movie: "Saturday Night Live" [1975] Movie: "Saturday Night Live" [1975] quotes

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