Movie: Nicholas and Alexandra [1971] Movie: Nicholas and Alexandra [1971]

The German Consul:
It's outrageous. We are here in Zurich, and if I understand you, you want the German government, which is at war with Russia, to take you to Sweden, because you can get across to Russia from there.

Vladimir Lenin:
I'm offering to stop the war.

The German Consul:
I didn't know you had so much authority.

Vladimir Lenin:
If there was a Bolshevik government in Russia, we'd immediately make peace with Germany. Then how many German divisions could you transfer to the western front ?

The German Consul:
And now you are asking for classified information. Do you realize my government has locked up more Bolsheviks than anyone else? How can you expect us to help you make a revolution? You have no sense of proportion!

Vladimir Lenin:
All I'm interested in is power in Russia. It's lying there on the streets, waiting to be picked up. Kerensky won't last. He's still fighting the war, and the people are desperate for peace. I shall offer them peace.

Movie: Nicholas and Alexandra [1971] Movie: Nicholas and Alexandra [1971] quotes

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